Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't waste your Time!

>< ...bored!

Things to do:
  • Get a haircut. Soon. Real soon! (maybe..dont need to)
  • Learn general anatomy by heart *rattafication* (but after doing dental material, physiology and biochemistry)
  • Don't, as in DONT, get lost in studies. In fact hide all the books for a week and go crazy!
  • Next week, when I'll be 18 (WOW!!!) something different. (Err.. i dunno what i mean by different. Think, think.)
  • Punch Hafsah on her face when she calls me Sheeda. But don't break her nose.
  • Stop wishing for stupid stuff. As they say 'careful what you wish for coz you just might get it' [though, I can never be an elf]
  • Stop raiding uni's cafe.
  • Eating is good. Dont take notice when 'they' make fun of me. Eat like there's no 2morrow.
  • Have fun. Lots of. Yeah.
  • Talk more.
  • Stop talking to Fsoooo in class.
  • Stop passing notes in Pk. Std class (not after what happened last week!]
  • Pass funny notes to friends if dying of boredom [all is fair when ure dying!]
  • Blogging is fun. Blog often.
  • Clean the room before turning 18 [no! Dont stash the stuff under the bed]
  • Somehow study REAL hard and get more marks than 'Shehzada Saleem'. [Hell, no!]
  • Don't care if you flunked the DM test again. [do care, you fool!]
  • Be nice to my so not nice brothers. [Maybe they would respect their elder sister a little more. Sigh.]
  • No more Hannah Montana!
  • Stop crushing on Zac Efron [Joe Jonas is cute, too]
  • Stop giving hints to mum n dad [no way am gonna get a laptop on my b'day. But i can hope]
  • Smile wide. Smile bright.
  • Dont smile too much. People will wonder. And I might look stupid. Oh
  • Stop making useless lists.

Still bored ><

Saturday, January 17, 2009

HeYY hEyy

Hey hey! So, am blogging after a month ..missed it! N yeah am alive. Safe and sound. I hope you people missed me (had anybody??). I had been so busy with uni, had no time..correction still have no time. Should be studying instead of being here (as my mum says 'wasting time'.. though i don't agree with her) ..and oh physio book is glaring at me (should have stashed it away in a drawer). Uni life is all fun (well, almost. If you don't count those awfully awful tutorials which are more like oral tests, and messy dental material labs and other stuff as well). But i love hanging out with my friends (yeah, i made some. Surprisingly).


Read twilight. And it was sOooo ....okay! Yes, just okay. Didn't like its ending, it was just tOoo
happy happy. Saw the movie, too. It was just ....okay! Yeah :s

Ok ok. So, that's it. For now. And oh Happy New Year! ^^ Hope you guys have broken your I've mine. Cya. SOonish.

P.S. I have to buy a skull. Where do i get one? No, not the graveyard please!