Saturday, August 29, 2009


She walks on a never ending path, unknown of her destination. It’s like a narrow tunnel where darkness prevails yet there is something which lightens her way. There are tiny doors leading to different worlds, they are colorful... Red, yellow, purple, orange, blue... You name it, however they are all locked. And she never tries to open them, she doesn’t want to. She waits for times when a particular feeling engulfs her, a nice warm feeling of someone she has gotten and lost. It whispers in her ears, strokes her hairs and kisses her cheeks. When it is chilly it surrounds her like a lover’s arms, she takes in the warmth hungrily. When it’s hot it becomes her cool breeze.

She wants to hold it. She needs it so badly. She reaches out for it only to find nothing… Oh it never wipes away her tears

Then it goes away leaving her alone. Her body and her mind scream for it, begging it to come back. It never listens to her. She stops walking, drops down on the ground, eyes soulless, face drawn. Her light goes out. Silently she prays. Wishes there will be a monster lurking in the darkness which could eat her up. Let there be a school of bats which could suck on her blood. Or all the walls will come tumbling down crushing her bones. She wishes to die. She doesn’t. Frustrated she cries and cries, not knowing what to do, where to go, where to find peace. Her wings of freedom are ripped off; she is trapped forever for she has lost her heart… the command.

The false words she believed are the cause. A tingling touch, a smile, a whisper... You are mine
Yes. She is someone else’s, not hers. She lost herself a long ago.

So there are bridges of sighs and oceans of tears she has created...

It has come back. It laughs playfully and teases her. She smiles a little and dries her eyes. It circles around her making her feel loved and alive. The twinkle is back in her eyes and she stands up. Strong… It flies away from her. She runs after it. Stumbling, falling laughing, crying, screaming. Intoxicated.

She believes she will have it one day. This makes her move on.

It laughs at her foolishness, for it’ll never be hers. It is like a vapour, it scatters.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I laugh, I love, I hope, I try I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry.
And I know you do the same things too,
So we're really not
that different, me and you.

Cause Am Cooler than the Black Cat

I don't hate cat, i think they are soft, cute and cuddly. Am a cat-less person, and i want one very badly. I squeal when i see little balls of furs, the cats. I want to hold them and play with them. Aren't they just like babies?But am not going to be an old woman with 27 cats. No way. Because they can be annoying as hell. This hungry weird black cat and I hate each other. We first met during my mid terms, It was 3 AM and I was about to fall asleep on the physio book, flat, when I heard a swishing voice, I looked about myself and saw the black cat. With the speed of light, from the floor I was on the bed, under the covers shivering like a mouse.. Screaming "mummy, mummy'. You see i was shocked. Where on earth did this cat come from? I was sure it was a witch in disguise. No one came to my help, and I drifted off to sleep in just a few minutes. Physio was long forgotten. In the morning the large loaf of bread was lying injured on the floor.

Since then I often 'feel' and see the cat wandering around my house in the darkest hours of night. I know it's not a witch, still it's quite creepy catching a cat on your dining table nibbling on a banana at 4 in the morning eying me like I am trespassing on her property. Occasionally it brings some stuff (very gross stuff, I should say) as a gift and I just wish it would stop visiting my home like some queen of a faraway land.
Okay so this was quite stupid.. But i had nothing else in mind.

I wonder why it never miaows...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Elf Who Disappears

Vamp Girl has been wondering about the Elf. Why does she often disappear? Too bad she's not the Real magical creature. The Elf is no Eragon out to kill the evil king. She's not working in any factory making shoes for human. Nor her songs make the plant dance and grow. She just happen to be an 18 years old girlie with a heartless computer

*elf is disappointed*

Btw there's to used be my special plant in college. Am sure it'd have danced if i sang to it. I never did. Oh well.

Okay,so this month my PC was hospitalized about 5 times. The stupid doctor format all the drives and I lost all the stuff I've been saving for about four years! The anime wallpaper I loved has now been replaced by XP's boring one. My stories (so what if they were incomplete!) are gone. And I know i cannot write them again *sniffles*


*elf wants to be cheerful*

Talking of stories I wrote one today. Kind of sad (and weird). I might post it, soon. Then there's this funky Miss Misty Blue, her story am sure I will never be able to complete!

Got two months till papers *screams. Want to run away* and am not studying. I hate DM, physio is scary, anatomy bores me and biochemistry.. Don't talk about it.

The Elf wants to meet Vamp Girl and BFG soon before she drowns in the sea of books!

This is just a short boring post, I know I will vanish now for quite a time *hope not* but i will be back too!

Whoa.. BFG calling ^^