Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freedom.. Postponed.

What should I call it? Bad luck? Not really. Today was supposed to be my last paper but as luck would have it.. TADA.. something HAD to happen in our oh-so-peaceful Karachi. Strikes and hungamas and what not! *scowl* Last night when I heard these chutti wale rumours, I closed the books and went to bed with a good fun novel. I couldn't read it because my eyes began to droop as soon as my head touched the fluffly pillow. Heaven. zZzZZZZzzzzz. I did manage to madden some people. But not my fault! I was sleepy, couldnt stay awake. Well, I was about to say that it was a good thing that paper was postponed as i didn't study. It's on tuesday now. And my poor friends! Some of them were flying to their homes today! They'll have to wait another week.


Today I really wanted to watch some movie and what I got? "Lady In The Water" Didn't even see it... But I'll tomorrow. The list "movies i SHOULD watch" is getting bigger and bigger. The thing is am not a movie person. Am a music person. If you ask me about some song,I'll tell you ALL about it (ok, am exaggerating a bit) but you get my point? And a movie.. you get a Blank me!

Movies I'll watch this month (And I'll! I'll! I'llll!)

  • High School Musical 3
  • A Walk to Remember
  • Legally Blonde
  • Interview with the Vampire
  • The Notebook (eeee!)
  • First Daughter
  • Confessions of The shopaholic
  • Devil wears prada *i just loved the book*

And at last and the Least.. Lady in the WATER! =D

Ahem. That's quite a long list..


My theory papers went just OKAY! Not GOOD. I'll pass, hopefully. Not so sure about the viva, they went BAD. Especially anatomy, the Vulture wanted to do us rattafication, but HOW can You learn the whole book?! Word to Word! So he ran away, failing us all. Cant wait to be a dentist. I'll pull out all his teeth ;(

It's so frustrating.. So so soooooo frustrating. Am sOooo frustrated. Ok, I'll tell you what is! My PC! I wish I could just throw it out of the window and get a new one. Everything sucks! Keyboard, speaker, mouse, monitor and CPU suck! Oh well. Am going to sleep now.. With a good fun novel. Hope i don't fall asleep. *yawn*

Good Night! ^^


P.S. Why doesn't anyone comment on my blog anymore?? Except a few people.. *sob sob*

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'll Study... I'll Not.. I'll..Not

What's the date today?
7th April... NOOO! Which means I've got only 10 days to prepare for my midterms. Sadly enough, I've done nothing. Nada.

But still, being me, am not really worried *i SHOULD be*.. I still sleep after uni for about 4 hours, still watch TV (even boring news), I still come online, take stupid quizzes on Facebook.. and blogging (hey, that's ok!). And instead of studying at night, i read a novel [nowadays: LOLA COMES HOME. It's a real fun book. Full of stupid and funny bits. And I love the name Lola, it's kinda cute.]

Am smiling widely, crackiong jokes. I take a HUGE book along with me to study in uni, but i hide it away in a locker. [today i had Guyton, the heaviest of them all, in my poor hands. I didn't even bother to open it. Tomorrow, it'll be Netter's atlas. *sigh*] I wish i were a nerd! I should be like this cartoon:
[am a watermelon =s ... Quiz: Which friut are you??'.. oh well]

My soul is blue! (Your soul colour is - Blue! You are loving life and definetly do not want to give it look at the positive side of things and your friends think you are fun. You usually care about others as much as yourself, but at times can be moody)

See how I waste my precious time!!


First paper on 20th... Last on 30th.Then *HOLIDAYS* ..Yay!!! For a WHOLE month.
Oki, so this was a really boring post. Took 6 minutes. Should do Connective Tissue now.. Cya on 1st May! ^^

Friday, April 3, 2009

Balconies, Vultures And Amalgam.

Ok, so no sadness today. Am sick of being =( ...the little time we spent together, was the nicest. Even if it has ended badly, it just not meant to be. And yes, I do wish I'd fall asleep, and when I'd wake up from my deep slumber, I'd have forgotten it all.


Home New home.. is.. umm... Nice? The best thing is, I've a balcony in my room.. I never had one. So am quite happy happy. And what do i see when I stand there? A *loooooooooooooong* tree which is always swaying dangerously, that sometimes I shout out "You'll break your leg.. Only leg". [yes, am stupid] And a road, a noisy polluted road. In the morning, it gets so noisy that I don't really need an alarm! Ok, so there's this balcony across mine.. in which a lady with a HUGE baby lives. I think, there aren't any rooms in her home. I mean, a person can't always be there! Bad of me, it's HER balcony.. she could be there, but it's not really fun, when you go there with a big smile, having a little voice with your friend.. HUGE baby starts howling.. and the lady stares and glares like it's MY fault. Huh?? *shut the door*


Got a histo viva next, the Vulture will take it. He's the WORST teacher ever. Not humane. Really really weird. Freaks you out. Gives you suhdders... And the skull in his hand completes him... *creeeeepyy* It's the first time that I REALLY have been scared of a teacher. If looks could kill, now I know what does it really mean. He knows us all by our roll number. Like.. am 007 (james bond!!.. And you know what topic i got on DM search *ass*ignment? BONDED amalgam!).. so, he'll be like '007, tell me names of cranial nerves'. Blank. 'Bibi aprh ke nai ayi'. He knows how to make you cringe.

Oh well.

Oh, yes. One good news.. we got a 1st position in Dental material's presentation. Amalgam, which sucked a week ago, now rocks my socks. So psyched up that am going to have an amalgam filling. NO MORE Composites! Too bad I've no caries.

Oki, so that's it. Cya!! ^^

P.S. =( *sigh*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, well!

You smile, you hug. You're being sweet. You're hopeful.... But *Duh!*.. all you get is a door slammed shut on your face. Or something quite like it.

Wondering: What went wrong?

No idea.

Waiting.. and waiting.. And waiting. My cell won't ring, the message won't come. I want to put my cell in a trunk, lock it and then throw it in the sea. It's too bad when i see 'one new message', my heart gives a flutter, fingers crossed I unlock it and *duh!* it's merely someone else. How many times I've counted till 100?? 100 times? Or maybe more.

I don't feel like saying sorry... Again.

Anyways. There's alot to write.. which I'll tomorrow.. Hopefully! Should go to bed now.. *yawn*

Cya ^^