Saturday, August 28, 2010


removed the 'Followers' widget ^^


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My New Bloggie

Go here ----> Under The Magic Tree ..My new blog! o(^_^)o

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy n Tagged!

I was tagged by Sarah =) ... months ago.
Anyway, this is fun!

The rules are

1. Name a song that makes you happy - a song you would listen to if you needed a sudden injection of happiness

2. Post an image that makes you smile. It can be anything - a silly photo, an image taken from the internet, anything at all that puts a smile on your face (and isn't too rude!).


There are so many songs i love to listen when am happy (not to mention singing, when am alone, in my special mouse-like voice)
So, can i choose 2? *yes you can!* Yay!

Umm.. so they would be

You're the music in me =) from HSM2


David Cook's This Time Of My Life.. It's a great song! Do listen to it (whoever bothers to read my blog)

And about the picture..

Pon and Zi can always make me Smile with all their cuteness and dumbness =)

And.. This Graffiti by Sana =)

also Hafsah's Bikinied-nail picture would make me smile.. Would upload if i had it =P

Other things would just complete my happiness:

Being an Elf
A nice book to read
a nice movie to watch
Nice talkie with my friends
Yummy food
Clothes n stuff!

And.. Yay!! Am a happy girl =D

Next I tag
Sana, Hafsah and Coral!

You can break rules too =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Am still Alive! Yayie ^^

weeeee.. after 4 months! Or is it 5?? My poor bloggie! So sorry but have been so busy! Oh, I cleared my 1st year profs *happy dance*

Nothing has changed much except that am now 19 years old. I still feel 15, though.

Umm.. have become a movie freak, which is affecting my studies n sleep very much. In love with Gerard Butler. <3>*Sorry Zac Efron, but its all over now between us!* Its time to move on =P

Its so hot hot these days.. Wanna move to Alaska and build a snowman and his family.. And make snow angels, Lying on Snow, Cool Cool snow on my face.. and.. umm.. and snow flakes on my tongue.. also playing with snow balls. Wishes and wishes *sigh*

I live in such a BORING place!! *tears!!* But whatever. ='<

Do you know I have a viva tomorrow? Yes! Its my midterms =[

So am going to sleep (what did you think, study???)

Holidays from friday.. Yay!!! ^^

Oh i Like this Picture =)

Nighty night!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Blah blah..

What was it exactly when Sana had said “Let’s go, Shakira” in front of couple of girls that they went dead still? I had made a poker face and replied in a serious tone ‘coming’. Yes I guess I would be surprised too if a girl in my uni would be called Shakira. Pretty unusual name, especially if you live in Pakistan. Anyway am glad am not called Shakira or Rihanna or whatsoever. Talking of Rihanna, our oral anatomy teacher might be her brother. He looks like her (Good job, Hafsah for pointing that out, or I would have kept wondering why does he look so familiar.)

Wednesday. We went to our first community visit! It was a boys’ school. Cute cute boys had mouth like... Ugh! Never judge a human by his (or her) face, first examine his (or her!) mouth. Would you want to kiss a person who has ewwww teeth? Guess not. It won’t be difficult for me, though. To examine, I mean :s (not kiss, ugh!)

Hafsah’s hotty guy was 15 n didn’t start brushing his teeth until 2 months ago! Way to go.. =D


I bought shoes which can kill *sniffs* they look so good, but i can't bear to wear them.

Yesterday, I found out one of the juniors in my van was also in the same college as I. It was pretty fun talking to her about our weird old teachers, yummy canteen and oh so God knows What girls! I do miss my college, I love my uni, its good fun, but college days were just something else. Not to sound corny but magical magical.. :s =]

After all Pill Zephron was discovered there.

Umm. Right now (like always) am fairyland-ing. Am so addicted to it that its almost scary! Oh I don't like water fights, people get nasty! =/

Am going to be 19 sooon.. =D

I love birthdays. I love surprises and gifts *hint hint* =P

I love eating treats =D

*big Yay!*

Monday, December 28, 2009


The Princess lost her radiance, the doves lay dead on her feet.. The rose in her heart wilted and she screamed out in pain. Then there was silence. The wind stopped blowing, sun and moon went to hide, stars gave up hope, and they could no longer shine. The evil was set free, it flew freely around the Earth recruiting more and more hearts. It was in power, getting darker by seconds. It caused pain, it killed, it was cruel.

The Princess took the dead doves in her lap, stood up unsteadily to get her revenge. She was shaking, not with fear but with anger. The evil laughed mockingly at her. It showed her the images of her parents being tortured, her friends being burned to dead, her prince was lying dead with a silver knife in his heart, a soft smile was still there on his face. Had he been thinking of her? She'll never know. Red was everywhere. Blood blood blood.

The images vanished and she was face to face with the evil.

'You can't defeat me, Princess,' the evil whispered softly 'Come join me, marry me.. Together we'll rule this world,'

How many times he had tried that, the Princess wondered. The evil was handsome but she could see its heart clearly. It was not.

'I am giving you a choice, consider yourself lucky,' evil threw a patronizing smile at her 'You will die if you wouldn't. And what good will it do, huh?' it raised its eyebrows 'You'll be dead, just like your kin. I'll live doing whatever I want to,' it was smiling, pleased with itself 'Why not join me?'

The Princess closed her eyes. The rose was dying now.. it didn't have enough strength. Princess sighed heavily, deciding something. Just then the doves came to life. They were soulless creatures. They shed their blooody white feathers and turned black.. The evil threw its head and laughed wildly. The creatures were its servants. They will kill the Princess.

There was no hope now. She was defeated, she realized with despair, as the vultures attacked her. Hours went by and they flew away to their next prey. Princess was still breathing, but the rose has died. The pain was unbearable but still it wouldn't kill her. All she could see was red, the color of suffering.

*sidrah is sad n feeling stupid!*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have become a zombie.. and i blame medcine =[

In uni's cafe.. and you should see me right now.. zombie.. a total zombie. I have dark circles, my eyes are watering, kind of shivering. Just coz of this supid BDS!

Anatomy viva.. It was pure torture.. Thry are trying to kill students, i think. I mean, you wait to get free, not really caring how your viva goes.. and those teachers ate biryani 3 times *no kidding* when poor students are dying of hunger and trying to retain all those stuff which passes through the foramen (who cares about those tiny pores and holes!!!!) and our lovely anterior and posteior surfaces.. also not to forget those beautiful nuclei.

Just one viva to go.... and PURE BLISsssSs!!! ^^ Can't wait for tuesday. 10 days of freedom.. then 2nd year *mental torture restart*

Reading stars and bars (yes i still do, despite of exams).. and its AWESOME! Willaim Boyd is now one of my favorite authors.. =]

Okay, evil vegetable sir shouting "Time over!!" in his broken english.. i think I will go and eat something! All i really want to do is hit the bed and ZzZzzzZzz!!

Have fun!! ^^