Saturday, March 14, 2009


Heyy. So it's just another saturday.. am totally blank and feeling lazy. And I kinda like it. Not having to do anything.. Umm ok, so that's not quite true. I've got lots to do.. Like studying for my viva, prepare for anatomy test, start making DM's presentation.. and well, studies aside, I've to start packing my stuff as we're moving to another house this week. My home is a mess right now. All the stuff scattered. I'll miss it (not the mess, my home, i mean). And oh, am so glad i don't have any boyfriend! (wondering why am glad? Long story!!)


Well, later.. n sooOn =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

One Of Those Days

*It is one of those days… When everything seems Perfect*

Whoa. Am in high spirits. Just loving this world. It’s quite a hot day, am sprawled on my bed, the ceiling fan goes *xhmm xzmzh..*… something like that.
My brothers, as usual, are being hell noisy. TV set on full volume *thunder… THUNDER… thunder thunder cats!* And yet am smiling.
My mum is glaring at me, coz I missed uni, and today was my viva. I should be worried.. Should be feeling guilty (as I did wake up in the morning, set the alarm to snooze and then went ZzZZzzzzzZ).
Am humming One Heart (Celine Dion’s) loudly. I don’t at all sound like her, but it doesn’t matter. Who cares if my brothers are making faces at me? Smirking and whatsoever. I feel like singing.. Flying *if only I’d wings* … *wish wish*
Books on the desk are staring at me, silently shouting “You, yes YOU! Study us, you duffer” Like I ever listen to them. Duh.
Not talking to my friend, okay, my friend is NOT talking to ME. I think it’s THE END. Usually I’d be in an awfully awful mood. But not today… Today is unusual! Weird. Nice weird. *smile!*

*little miss sunshine*

Nice movie, isn’t it? Do whatever you want to. I know am 18 and still watching kiddies movies... But hey they are fun, and light. I can’t watch Troy, Ghajni, Mission impossible and all. I stick with tween teen stuff.

Hey you heard, in the remake of Bonnie and Clyde, Hilary duff is staring? Goody! ^^ I like her movies.


This took only 8 minutes… and the whole day is right in front of me. *what to do?* Study? Nah… I think I’d go and call my friend… Feel like having some chatter.

*One of those days... When everything seems Perfect*

P.S. I know I’ve written this in a weird way. But, oh well. ^^