Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Pool Of Love

Grey was born to spread hatred. He hated everything single thing in this universe. He hated to see the sun rising, making the world bright and sunny, and leaving him exposed. He hated to see rain pouring from the sky, making cheerful drip drop sounds, shunning away his own sounds of cries. He hated the sea when waves would come splashing on the shore, striking the rocks and going back taking away the sand and erasing his name he had so painfully written. He hated the stars when they twinkle and sparkle in the darkness of night. He hated the moon’s round shiny face, always so cheerful unlike him who was always angry and violent. He hated himself...Hating it when he’d make someone cry, hating it when he snatched away the love from someone, hating it when he’d to face his father, the king of hatred. He hated his purpose of life. He hated his life.

But that was his past. Now Grey isn’t like that. He doesn’t hate anything now, except hatred itself. Grey is now happy. He is loved by all and he loves others around him. Now he loves the Sun and Sea. Often you’ll find him talking to them. He rides on moonbeams at night and enjoys dancing in the rain. He swims with the fishes and when the stars twinkle, he flies towards them and twinkles brightly. Surrounded by thousands of stars, he becomes the brightest star.

His life changed paths when he was given a mission to remove all the love from the universe.

His father had said in loud and pure evil voice of his, ‘Go, my son, and kill all the love that is resting in the hearts of the beings …enhance the wars which are now taking place in this world. This is the perfect chance. They’re weak at this moment and we’re powerful. Make them hate each other …Go, my son, go …And make us proud.’

Grey’s mother, resting her head on his father’s shoulder had smiled lazily, nodding her head, making it clear not to disappoint them. Grey bowed and went to start his mission full of spirits. Now, Grey was smart but this time he couldn’t come up with a clever scheme. He stole some sun rays and rode on them to find the pool of love. He could see it, beating in the sky, all colorful and happy. That was the problem; he couldn’t bear the pain when he flied towards the pool of love. All the love made him weak. He decided that he couldn’t go home defeated. He sat on a star unaware that it was broken, and began to think. With a sudden jolt the star turned upside down making him fall …...he glanced downwards and saw a brownish and bluish planet, which was also green at some places. It was Earth, he remembered, his father had took him to Earth once when he was young. He’d told him most of the love was found here. It was Earth who had made them weaker. An evil smile flickered across his face. He let himself fall, thinking at the same time. He landed with a bump on the grass. He looked around and saw beautiful flowers blooming, dancing slightly due to the cool breeze. The sky was the mixture of orange and purple, it was twilight, he realized. Soon it’ll be dark and then he’ll begin to work. He looked at the little red rose, swaying dangerously. It was pleading him to go away, leaving the world as it is. He touched it softly whispering the words …the little rose withered and died. Grey smiled satisfyingly and stood up. He found himself in front of a door. He turned the knob, trying to open it. It was locked. He moved around the house and saw a window which stood open, a white silk curtain fluttering in the wind. He walked to the window and climbed inside into a room. It was a small room, too comfortable for him, he thought as he looked at colorful cushions on an orange sofa. The fragrance of flowers was suffocating him; he glared at the flowers in the vase making them wither. The pictures that were hanging on the walls were the reminders of happy moments. He quickly walked to another room, which was dark except for the moonlight coming from the window. A little boy of about 3 sleeping in the bed, his hand held by a young woman who was weeping softly. The boy’s face looked pale and lifeless. His face was full of innocence and love, Grey felt something he’d never felt before. He felt sad. He quietly sat on the bed and touched the boy’s skin. He trailed his finger on his cheek. It was soft but cold. Grey, for the first time, wished that he could do something to help this little boy. He wanted him to live happily, not die so young. The boy’s breathing was short and rasp. The woman wept harder as the boy shivered in his sleep. Grey reached for his other hand and clasped it with his palms. He uttered the magic words …for the first time using it for someone else not for himself. He fixed his eyes on the boy’s face and kept saying the words again and again. The words which had never failed him before were now looking useless. He’d healed severe injuries several times with them in seconds, but why couldn’t they help this boy? He cursed silently as nothing happened. He got up; taking one last look on the woman and the boy he left the bleak home.

He was tired and was sure he didn’t want to go back home to face his parents again. He lay under the tree and closed his eyes and slept restlessly, dreaming of all the evil deeds he’d done all his life...Never giving a toss what he was doing. He saw the boy being buried in the ground by the black hooded men, the red rose clutched in the boy’s hand. The mother cried as they covered the boy’s face with dirt, she screamed telling them to stop. They were closing the lid of the coffin, when the boy opened his eyes. Smiling sadly, he threw the rose in the air. Her mother caught it, suddenly looking old and tired. The hooded men closed the lid hiding the boy’s white face and blue helpless eyes from the view. The boy couldn’t breathe. He gasped for air, but there was no air. What was happening to him? Slowly he closed his eyes and never opened them again.

When the sun rose, Grey opened his eyes, squinting at the bright light. He tried to recall the dream but couldn’t seem to remember it. He felt something new in himself. He couldn’t tell what but it was good, whatever it was, it was really good. He smiled at the sight of colorful flowers. He was loving the damp grass beneath him. What’s happening? He asked himself, sitting up suddenly. He sighed happily. He lay back on the grass and looked at the sky. Faraway his parents would be wondering where he’d gone. But now he’d escaped. He’s not going to go back. He heard someone laughing. It was a beautiful sound, tinkling like jingle bells. It was the boy. He was laughing and running away from his mother. The boy couldn’t see him. Grey’s heart swelled with happiness as he saw the boy bouncing, full of live. He’d helped the boy …His words had failed him but not his love. He could love, he realized. Grey smiled widely.

‘Come here, Charlie,’ he watched as the young woman ran and caught the boy in her arms and swung him around. They giggled as they both fell on the grass. Grey laughed with them; he felt he was the part of them.

‘Charlie boy, go inside,’ the mother tried to sound stern but laughed as Charlie flung his little arms around her neck and hugged her. She took Charlie in her arms and went inside, closing the door behind her. Grey waited for them to come back. He was enjoying their laughter. But the time passed and they remained inside. He saw the woman through the sheer curtain coking the food. He saw them eating, and then later the woman sang lorry in her sweet voice and the boy felt asleep in her arms. She put her son in the cot, kissed his cheeks and left the room. Grey sat back again. His eyes fell on the dead rose he’d killed last night. He took it gently in his hands and whispered the magic words. It bloomed at once, and smiling at Grey, it said thanks.

‘No, thanks to you’ Grey kissed the flower and got up to leave. He was about to fly when he saw the young woman again, this time she was putting the food for the stray cats. She was closing the door when their eyes met. The woman was startled as Grey made himself visible to her. He smiled softly and walked towards her, the little red rose in his hand. The woman didn’t move but looked fearful as he approached her. He handed the rose to her and kissed her hand gently. With happy tears in his eyes, he flapped open his wings and flew away. The woman stood at the doorway looking bewildered and surprised watching him flying away to the moon…

Grey lives everywhere. Helping everyone. Sometimes he fails and sometimes he wins...but he has hope. He wishes that his parents and all the evil being would also become like him...full of love.
Ok, so that was weird!