Friday, December 12, 2008

I asked for elf..I got dentist =/

*yawn* Just woke up from my afternoon nap (note: its 8 pm now)

Today was my first day at uni. It was weird. Somewhere between good weird and strange weird. My mum treated me like I was some 3 years old kid going to school for the first time. She seriously did. She even tried to pack lunch for me *!??* =/ *speechless*
Cell phones having their advantages and all have certain disadvantages too. Mum called me about four times. It was embarrassing, but I’d to answer or else she’d have thought something has happened to her poor kid *am madly annoyed*

Due to some stupid reasons I joined 2 weeks late. Everybody there knows each other. Or it seems so. I’ve this scary feeling like am never gonna fit in. In the morning, I was all excited but all of the excitement disappeared as soon as I stepped in the class. It was our lab, and I’d no lab coat. The cruel teacher sent me out to find one, and I did. Too bad it was some stinky yellowish piece of cloth. It didn’t deserve to be called a lab coat (Sanzrox, it is even worse than your oldish lab coat, the one you used in college! You get the idea? Yeah). I could hear some guys sniggering as I entered the class wearing that stinky lab coat. I felt like running away. Of course I couldn’t. But four years, I realized! I’ve to spend four years there *sigh* and right now without any friends. Real friends! What am gonna do??? *sniffs*

Ok, I wrote this two days ago. Yesterday was a bit different. Not bad. We’d a practical and it was fun and messy and also, I wore a new sparkling lab coat. Although I haven’t made any friends yet, but at least now I know everybody’s name and thankfully everybody knows my name too (no wonder! As I’ve to yell out my name every time the teacher takes attendance. They have just written my roll number =/)


Enough about this.

I want to read twilight! And watch the movie, too. Zac Efron and Joe Jonas are just ‘okay’ if you compare them with Robert Pattinson (sorry Zac!!). Actually, I like his character, Edward Cullen guy. Vampires are so cool (Sanzrox, you will agree, of course!) if I were given a chance to be something other than human, I’d, as you all know, would have chosen to be an elf. If not, then I’d like to be a vampire *wish wish*


Am being totally stupid. I shouldn’t wish to become an elf and stuff. You never know when your wish comes true. I might regret it later. But it might be nice… *Shut up!*

Cya! ^-^

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emo; Ugly Angels

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

Happy December To All!! .........Yay!!

Am so glad November is over. It was the worst month of my whole life. Really it was. Everything which shouldn’t have happened happened. And which should have, didn’t happen. I think it wasn’t just me; everyone had a bad November. Look what happened in India…and now what’s happening in Karachi. Daily innocent people are gotten shot. No peace. Just hell. -_-

Oh well. No more talk of this cursed November.

December is not looking too bright either. But let’s have hope, its only 1st today. Eid is on next Tuesday. Don’t think it’d be a Happy-happy cheerful Eid, not with this riots going on in Karachi (heyy, am talking about it again!)

Just Thinking: What do you do when you start missing a person who is right there in front of you? Someone was supposed to be my wiper. Am never gonna be Angel. Sigh.


I feel like running away from all this (all this is a secret, don’t wonder). Too bad I can’t fly. If some angel is reading this, will you please kindly lend me your wings? Or if someone who possesses a magic wand, give me some wings? You know those cherub ones? Like that of angel’s?? ^o^
I feel like screaming too *screeeeeam*

Added this Plurk gadget, it is awesome fun (good for time pass and for ‘farigh’ people like me. \o/ =D)

PS: Got this stupid problem, I can’t see updates on my page. Tried firefox too, no use =/ Help please?? Pretty please??