Friday, October 24, 2008

I So Wish!

Ok, this chemistry is killing me. Am sOooooOooO much bored! So, am gonna take a break, a really long break (Long break = enough studies for today, the rest tomorrow…see, that long).


Last night, at about 4 in the morning, when I wasn’t sleepy at all (no am not insomniatic, it’s just that I woke up at 2 PM), had no good book to read, was too bored to study, too tired to listen to songs, no one I could text to …I decided to make a list (just a mental list) of the things I need, want or wish to be …So here’s the list:

1) A brain (need to borrow till Sunday. Will give it back on Monday, promise! Lend me a brain please? Anyone?) [Important Note: it must be like that of Dexter’s]
2) A new computer or a laptop (this one is lagging and has a virus)
3) An iPhone n all. (All = every new ‘cool’ expensive thing)
4) A perfect shoes (still haven’t any =( …where do I find perfect comfy shoes?)
5) A perfect man (I can wait for another 8 years, no hurry)
6) A perfect blog (so perfect that I don’t have to paste blog URL on Orkut)
7) A watch like the one Ben 10 has.
8) A genie who would grant 10000000 wishes a day.
9) Get to meet Sidney Sheldon, although he’s dead. Well, cross this one. Am not very fond of dead people.
10) A talking tree with which I could share my dark-dark secrets (am very fond of plants)
11) An elf that could turn me into an elf (any elf reading? If so, please contact me)
12) A tom cat (I’ll name him Mr. Wow or Christopher after Christopher Pike)...Mum says am not responsible enough so no pets for me. =(
13) February (so I could be 18)
14) A cage, a big one. I’ll lock my brothers in it. (Note: with food, water, clothes, PS2, TV, cell phones and all the essential stuff) See, how nice I’m!
15) An aquarium (with no fishes [fake one will do, though], just rocks and shells).
16) A library (but none could borrow books, I’ll create one just to show off my books)
17) Meet Zac Efron and make him fall in love with me. If not Zac then Joe Jonas will do!
18) A magic wand to make me grow taller. Am only 5’1 =/
19) A chocolate factory but no Oompa Loompas. Willy Wonka is welcome.
20) Get to meet some pixies, goblins, imps, brownies and all those creatures in Enid Blyton’s books.
21) Get to roam around the world.
22) Gain more wisdom, knowledge, fame, talent, beauty and fortune.
23) A nice-nice sweet voice so I could sing without shattering windows and deafening other people.
24) A robot which looks like me and could do all of my work. Too bad I don’t have any twin.
25) Get to eat all yummy goodies and gain no weight.
26) Be sugar, spice and everything nice.
27) Become a super-girl….or better the chosen one.

Ok that’s it for now. Yawn!! I’d better go and study (Mum’s glaring at me) …n hope that I get to do all these things. I so wish!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh-so-studious Me!

Believe it or not, today I finally studied. Not the whole syllabus of course, but kinda revised botany….all of it. Now don’t smirk, because this is quite a lot for me. Don’t believe me? Ask Sana, she’ll tell you how ‘kam chor' I’m! For months (July-October) people have been badgering me ‘Study, Sidrah study’. Daily when I’d wake up Mum would be all ready to say like a cheerleader ‘Sidrah beta, study!’ Friends would text me ‘you studying or not?’ ...Dad when home from work would ask ‘So tell me Sidrah, how much did you study today?’ (Peering at me through his glasses) …..and my answer would be ‘Of course I’m! Stop asking me this silly question! I wasn’t studying of course…was just pretending to …I’d take all of my books (course books, reference books, quiz books, story books ...Every book), four huge registers …and would fling them on my bed and would be engrossed in them, like nothing else mattered except how poor star fishes have no brain or jelly fish is 99% water (don't ask me why am giving you such fishy examples …am curious about this myself). Then after a reading a line or so, I’d start doodling, reading a ‘story’ book or texting. Well, I started to feel guilty and ashamed (I rarely feel such things, so I wasn’t feeling 'me') …and now that ‘My Conscience’ is bugging me to study, I thought why not listen to it. But far too late now (or perhaps, its not?) Test on next Sunday, still have to read 1000 other books. Sigh. I’d better go and study (stupid conscience!)….Wish me luck!! Cya

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Babysitting Blues

Note: All the names have been changed.

‘I want an Ice cream!!’ my five year old cousin, Dexter, very brutally pulled on my arm, and shouted in my ear.
‘I just gave you one, where is it? Surely, you haven’t eaten it yet?’ I asked him, shrugging him off me.
‘I dropped it,’ he gave me a puppy dog look. I sighed and gave him mine. I didn’t want to (I love mango tango) but I was sure we didn’t have any left. I watched Dexter as he licked it, and after few yucky big bites, he handed me Mango Tango back. Saying that I can eat it now. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it. I’m not that greedy.


Picture this: It’s a second day of Eid. You’re at your Grandpa’s place. Dressed in your Eid clothes (which, I assure you, are very very uncomfortable, as it was selected by my mum…and the dress has sequins and all that silly stuff on ititchy...itchyitchy!!) . Your aunts (I’ve seven) and your mum are having fun in the next room. You can hear them laughing, gossiping and eating (I couldn’t ‘hear’ them eating, but they were having tea). You’re babysitting 9 devilish evil children all by yourself. Your brothers are supposed to help you, but they’ve run away with your totally spun older cousins...and you’re stuck. All alone. Screams. And wait, what’s that? Yeah, your friends texting you to come and join the party. Jealous! And those texts by Him. You’re flattered that Him remembers you, but you can’t even reply properly. And oops, here goes your mobile in 2 years old Bubbles hands. Click. Click. Click. Pictures are being taken. Horrible pictures! You’re hoping that she hasn’t accidentally mms those pictures to someone. All very suddenly Bubbles throws the mobile gleefully into air. You also throw yourself on the floor in attempt to catch it. You’ve caught it but also have managed to twist your ankle. You painfully (very!) get up and slump wearily into the couch. Eyeing your cousins with contempt and amusement. Wondering that you must be too like them when you were young. Annoying, snooty and messy. (By the way, I don’t think I was like them. Am too nice. So what if my parents say I was naughty as hell. Every parent thinks so). Shaggy tries to snatch your cell from you. You can’t help slapping him (cruel of me, I know) He runs to his mum crying at the top of his lungs. You feel guilty. But 9 – 1 = 8. Your cell vibrates and you smile widely when you see the text is by Him. You’re just about to read it when you cousin falls and hurts his knee. He cries loudly…he sounds like a wolf howling. His mum (your aunt) comes running in the room, picks up her children (4), gives you ‘the look’, and leaves the room. 9 – 5 = 4. Phew. Two girls in pink frilly frocks, looking angelic (looks can be deceiving) and two boys (am not gonna describe their appearance, just say they also look innocent) stare at you. You stare back, thinking what they up to? Are they thinking how to torture me? You ask yourself. And the answer is yes. An evil smile flickers across Dexter’s face. All four of them take out water guns and squirt the water at you. You let them, and now you’re wet. They run away, you’re too tired to run after them. Though, you’re seething with anger. After a while, your mum comes in and gives you a lecture. That how you should be gentle, attentive and patient towards children. You nod solemnly and promise to behave properly from now on. You mum smiles and then goes away. You’re alone. Thankfully. But still, missing the comfort of your room and of course, your worn out but comfy old blue jeans.

Terrible, right? That was how I spent my 2nd day of Eid =( but, well, it’s over now! So, cheers. And am never ever gonna baby-sit again.

I know you readers (if there is any) are making sympathetic faces. Poor girl, what luck! Well, such luck!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Umm..Whatever You Call This

Wow. Another month. Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to 2008.

God knows where my muse is. It’s not smart, I know, but at least it’s smarter than me. I don’t know what to write about. But let me try?

I wish I weren’t so superstitious. No, I don’t believe that black cats bring you bad luck…or if a lizard walks over you, you get….I don’t remember….it’ll bring bad luck too?

Once there was a fire in our home. Nothing much was damaged except my brother’s bicycle and my Dad’s trunk which was filled with ancient and useless stuff (Mum says it’s a good thing that it got burned because Dad wouldn’t have ever got rid of it. Poor Dad). Anyways, the fire didn’t burn our home to ground nor it scalded us to death but I was scared to death. Just imagine your mum waking you up in the middle of night from your deep slumber. Telling you to go outside in your pajamas. Not even letting you get a jacket. Then you’re standing outside in an awfully awful freezing night. Surrounded by neighbors and fire fighters…watching your home burning away. Ok, sorry…now I’m starting to exaggerate. The fire was a minor one and we were back to bad in less than an hour. But as I told you, I got scared. Now I’ve got this weird habit. I’d be sleeping (usually I’m awake) in the middle of the night, and this feeling that something isn’t right. I’ll get up and check the whole house, making sure that everything is all right. It’s not that weird, but irritating. I’d be feeling all nice-nice, cuddled up in my bed, reading a book and then this voice ‘What’s the noise? What’s that smell? What’s crackling? Go! Check the home…and thus begins the ‘home-trip’ as I call it, making sure that everything is all right. No fire, no giant bear raiding the kitchen, no burglar sleeping in our sitting room. See, how annoying it is. It’s been about four years and I so wish I’d stop doing this. It gets on my nerves.

In some ways am like my Dad. I never throw away my stuff. I know am not ever gonna play with my doll house…but I don’t have a heart to give it away to someone. I won’t feel good if I’ll. Even that broken watermelon keychain is dear to me. Same with books, CDs and magazines…I don’t like to lend them (but love to borrow them) …thousands of books I know am not gonna read again are rusting away in my bookshelf. When I’ll get older, like 60 years old, I’ll hold a garage sell. And a book fair too. Do come! I’ll let you know through my, keep reading!