Friday, November 27, 2009

Jacob.. On sale

Lala Land

Before Profs..

So it’s like 12:30 AM and am here reading about Fetus in Fetu instead of studying (Profs from next week *dead*)

Very fascinated by it, this fetus in fetu thingy, although is very creepy!

“Dr. Paul Grabb peered into the microscope at Sam Esquibel's 3-day-old brain, set on removing a tumor that threatened the infant's life.

What the pediatric neurosurgeon saw made him spring back in shock.

A foot!”

Creepy, right?

And some sever year old kid gave birth to its twin who had been growing inside him since his own birth! Gee, what if we are walking around with our twins inside us? *nooO, noo. Don’t even want to think!*


When studying I doodle and hum songs (usually making up own silly tunes), let my mind wander into my ‘Very Happy Sunny ‘So me’ imaginary Land’. Life’s easier there. I don’t study, still am considered the smartest person of the Land, I have written and published many novels, I float on water, sleep on fluffy white clouds and dance with the plants. Sometimes I even have met my charming man! Am always happy there, never ever a bad burny feeling! So this land is quite distracting, I forget that am supposed to study until mum yells at my brothers (or me), jerking me awake.

The Lily Theatre is a great book, am halfway through it. The story is about a Chinese girl living in a re-education camp during cultural revolution and her friendship with a girl of third caste.

……………….After profs……

At last am free, feels so weirdly nice. Having to do nothing (although my vivas are still left... but ^^)

Anatomy went good, Physiology was weird *shivers*, Dental material went more than good, biochemistry just okay. Overall was all well. And everything’s well that ends well (huh?).

On my way, did book shopping (yayie), didn’t find some great colorful book (like Marian Keyes’) because mum was like hurry hurry! So there I was busy hurrying =/ instead of going through lovely books.

One day later

First viva next Friday *running here and there* am sick of all this!!!

Two days later.. (Right now)

Yay! Eid tomorrow ^^ went shopping today, bought yummy clothes *happy*

Am chatting with Sana, (she’s watching Juno), listening to Love Like Winter (am in live with the song..), playing Fairyland and Monkey trouble on Facebook. 
And it's winters.. ^^

Life’s good  =]

Happy Eid! *mooooo-baaaarak* =D