Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't Lose Hope (Have Faith Instead) ^_^

Nobody wants to die, all one wants is to be happy. Why do people commit suicide? Because they think there is no hope? Nobody can tell what's going to happen in future. They say destiny is written and it's not going to change but do we know what's written in our fate? No, we do not! If a person has 100 dollars, he could have earned it or could have stolen it, but in the end he has gotten 100 dollars, it depends on him how he got it.

There is a person who is committing suicide by jumping from a bridge or something; he jumps, he falls, he breaks his leg but he doesn't die. So now his life has become more complicated. If he's been optimistic and had tried to see things in a positive light, then he'd never lost his leg =D

Why am i writing all this? I don't know. But sometimes when i'm sad and unhappy, i just want to die, nothing else. But the next day (or hour) ..when something nice happens, i'm happy that i'm alive guys, if you're depressed and think everything is going wrong then just wait..things will change and you'll be happy ...maybe not now, but someday. So just have hope and keep smiling! So long! ^-^