Monday, May 25, 2009

Something Good, Something Not

Even when you know that everything around you is and will be going wrong, you just have faith and you hold on.

Cause maybe after this storm, your rainbow will smile.

And one day it would.

I hope mine would, soon. =).

Jokes are good, stupid senseless jokes are even better! A silly little joke among your friends could make you laugh for hours... (Anonymous post, Sana!)

Horse tails, a boy living on a horse tail (if only that boy knows!) And now a vampire =D *don’t wonder, it’s an inside joke*

I want to visit Elvenland, sOoooon. ^^

And the Green Gang. God knows what’s so fascinating about them. Nothing is, actually. Their hair, their walking style, talking style.. Eating habits.. And their attire is… Just so Ha-Ha!

Gee, would it sound weird if I say I feel old? Yes, it does. It’s wrong, so what if I do, right now! Am not (it’s just coz of my bad bad PC!) There’s so much to do, I want to, I have to! Something good, something fun, something not =]

Watching my brother playing some monstrous game, I wondered what if some monster attacks our city, and I will be the one saving everyone from it I'd have super powers.. (You know, I might have! *wink* I do read minds :P). Or am the monster myself! That would be better than being the super hero. Coz I will be the nice monster.. No! say, a dragon, like Saphira =] I will let people ride on me and I could fly! I wish I could fly to my favorite planet Jupiter! Humans should have wings =

Ahem. Yeah, I still day dream of such stuff! =o

Although, I no longer like Power- Puff Girls that much (they strike me evil!) but still I have hanged them on my room. EEE... They are staring at me *-*

It’s kinda late, now. No, am not sleepy, but my eyes are watering. I will read Brisingr. Yay! Nighty Night! Cya!

P.S. I watched HSM 3! At last. Only half of it. Rest I will later =D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's Going on These Days..

My computer… It’s so very bad! It freezes like every 10 minutes. I wish I could throw it out of the window.
But, forget it. Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I love it very much. Ahem.

Am loving holidays, although am dreading the moment when the result will arrive on the doorstep. I hope I’ll be the one receiving it, not mum or my brothers!

So I wake up late, like 2 in the afternoon and do NOTHING useful! And it is fun. Don’t I love it! Not having to do anything. Not preparing for the tutorials. Or having to decide what to wear next day, or say which pair of shoes will look best with what. And waking up at 6:30 AM! All day yawning and yawning. No time to do anything else beside studying. Well. After those horrendous seven months of medical college, it’s a relief. Which is not everlasting. I still have to spend 4 years. Full of torture. *sigh* But I can do it! ^^ And I do love my uni!

Nowadays, reading Brisingr. Loving it. I’ll scry, read minds, be an elf and do the impossible. All in my dreams!

It’s so hot-hot nowadays. Am afraid I’ll melt. The sun is being unnaturally cruel *scowl*

Whatever. This is just a small update. Will be posting sOoooon. Cya!

P.S. I haven’t seen any movies yet =D ...didn’t feel like watching.