Friday, December 12, 2008

I asked for elf..I got dentist =/

*yawn* Just woke up from my afternoon nap (note: its 8 pm now)

Today was my first day at uni. It was weird. Somewhere between good weird and strange weird. My mum treated me like I was some 3 years old kid going to school for the first time. She seriously did. She even tried to pack lunch for me *!??* =/ *speechless*
Cell phones having their advantages and all have certain disadvantages too. Mum called me about four times. It was embarrassing, but I’d to answer or else she’d have thought something has happened to her poor kid *am madly annoyed*

Due to some stupid reasons I joined 2 weeks late. Everybody there knows each other. Or it seems so. I’ve this scary feeling like am never gonna fit in. In the morning, I was all excited but all of the excitement disappeared as soon as I stepped in the class. It was our lab, and I’d no lab coat. The cruel teacher sent me out to find one, and I did. Too bad it was some stinky yellowish piece of cloth. It didn’t deserve to be called a lab coat (Sanzrox, it is even worse than your oldish lab coat, the one you used in college! You get the idea? Yeah). I could hear some guys sniggering as I entered the class wearing that stinky lab coat. I felt like running away. Of course I couldn’t. But four years, I realized! I’ve to spend four years there *sigh* and right now without any friends. Real friends! What am gonna do??? *sniffs*

Ok, I wrote this two days ago. Yesterday was a bit different. Not bad. We’d a practical and it was fun and messy and also, I wore a new sparkling lab coat. Although I haven’t made any friends yet, but at least now I know everybody’s name and thankfully everybody knows my name too (no wonder! As I’ve to yell out my name every time the teacher takes attendance. They have just written my roll number =/)


Enough about this.

I want to read twilight! And watch the movie, too. Zac Efron and Joe Jonas are just ‘okay’ if you compare them with Robert Pattinson (sorry Zac!!). Actually, I like his character, Edward Cullen guy. Vampires are so cool (Sanzrox, you will agree, of course!) if I were given a chance to be something other than human, I’d, as you all know, would have chosen to be an elf. If not, then I’d like to be a vampire *wish wish*


Am being totally stupid. I shouldn’t wish to become an elf and stuff. You never know when your wish comes true. I might regret it later. But it might be nice… *Shut up!*

Cya! ^-^

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emo; Ugly Angels

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

Happy December To All!! .........Yay!!

Am so glad November is over. It was the worst month of my whole life. Really it was. Everything which shouldn’t have happened happened. And which should have, didn’t happen. I think it wasn’t just me; everyone had a bad November. Look what happened in India…and now what’s happening in Karachi. Daily innocent people are gotten shot. No peace. Just hell. -_-

Oh well. No more talk of this cursed November.

December is not looking too bright either. But let’s have hope, its only 1st today. Eid is on next Tuesday. Don’t think it’d be a Happy-happy cheerful Eid, not with this riots going on in Karachi (heyy, am talking about it again!)

Just Thinking: What do you do when you start missing a person who is right there in front of you? Someone was supposed to be my wiper. Am never gonna be Angel. Sigh.


I feel like running away from all this (all this is a secret, don’t wonder). Too bad I can’t fly. If some angel is reading this, will you please kindly lend me your wings? Or if someone who possesses a magic wand, give me some wings? You know those cherub ones? Like that of angel’s?? ^o^
I feel like screaming too *screeeeeam*

Added this Plurk gadget, it is awesome fun (good for time pass and for ‘farigh’ people like me. \o/ =D)

PS: Got this stupid problem, I can’t see updates on my page. Tried firefox too, no use =/ Help please?? Pretty please??

Friday, November 28, 2008

La la la

La la la la …
And girls, they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have fun!


Am in love with this song nowadays.

Anyways. Life’s a bit okay now. Not horrible, haven’t got anything to complain about. Except that my dad promised I’ll get a laptop soon, but it’s been two weeks and still no laptop…and ‘still’ am no Angel *sigh* lately I’ve been sighing a lot. My brothers are being unusually noisy, I wish they’d, for once, be quiet. Eid is just around the corner. Not looking forward to it. I don’t like ‘bakra-eid’ =/ …it’s messy, messy and messy.

I complain a lot, don’t I?

Umm. It might sound stupid as am 17 and a girl, but I love Naruto & Dragon Ball z. and Dragon ball z is on now…so going watch it…..

*after half an hour*

Ok, back. Wasted half an hour, nothing happened, just some dishum-dishum. I hate it when they do this…stretch the
series so much that it gets boring.

Talking of boring, am sOoo bored… haven’t got any books to read. Should go book-shopping sOooon. I love book sales, whenever I go there my parents have to drag me out in the end. Once I spent about 3 hours. Oh
well… I adore books, I love books! (Should shut up now) [Sana? Let’s go to jumbo soon?]

Am wasting your time again? Am I? Really? Ok ok…just one more thing; I don’t like butterflies (so what if the background and header of my blog have butterflies in them).
They are just moths with printed coats (quoting Marian Keyes here). Creepy, creepy and awfully creepy! There’s one moth here in my room *screams*

That’s it. Another senseless post …Cya!! ^-^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Need Some Cinderella Moments!!

Today was the worst day of my life. Nowadays my oh-so-perfect life is so not perfect! God knows who cursed me. Last night I sprained my ankle because I tried to play football with my brothers. It was the first and last time I kicked the football. I swear I’ll never even try to get near a football let alone play it. Then today when I woke up I discovered that my cute face looked horrifying. I guess some stupid bug bit my eye. I can’t think of any other reason to explain my swollen eye (I look sooooo weird! =’( ) even blinking hurts. And am still no Angel. Really, right now am so depressed. Am not liking anything. I hate this blog (which I, when am normal, quite love it {I know there’s no reason to love it}). I hate to eat this yummy spaghetti. Why do we eat anyway? (To live??) [Wow! I really am depressed. Because normally I just love to eat]. Am not even crushing on Zac Efron right now (or Joe Jonas for that matter). I don’t think I’ll care if Zac proposes me just now (ok I’ll, of course. But it is never gonna happen, as in NEVER EVER so I can say anything {but wouldn’t it be awesome if it’ll happen?}).

I know my obsession with elves is crazy (as they don’t exist {actually they do}) but after reading so many books on elves I’d love to be one *wistful expression* (that wish, am so sure, will never come true. Zac might propose me (I can always bewitch him?) but me turning to an elf. Nope *sob sob* …oh well, we can’t have everything (WHY?!)

You know what I want to do? Fly. Forget everything and just fly away to somewhere alone and peaceful (to a huge fluffy cloud? Get marooned on an exotic island? To some hot n cold dessert? No!!}) I think a cute little cottage with three cute bowls of porridge, three cute chairs and three cute beds which three cute bears have abandoned forever will be totally perfect. (Note: bears aren’t coming back. Some prince might).

Oh I do need some Cinderella moments!

PS: Sorry if I wasted your time by this nuisance chatter! Cya! ^-^

Monday, November 17, 2008

Angels & Donkeys

How can I, in one day, become Donkey from Angel? How can a hug changes into a kick all of a sudden? Oh I wish I knew. It’s so frustrating, when somebody’s mad at you and you don’t even know it until you realize that someone is giving you a cold shoulder. The rotten tomato (that someone) wouldn’t tell me what my fault is. Am wondering and wondering...replaying our last conversations in my mind again and again. As far as I see, I did nothing wrong. Or maybe am too selfish and shallow to see it. Monkey (as am a donkey then tomato is a monkey) is still sleeping…or maybe ignoring me. Whatever.
It’ll be okay in a day or two. It’s happened before. But am so tired of saying sorry. It’s not even worth it. Because in the end am a donkey (or an earthworm, spider, snail, tapeworm, Fat and other weird things). Whatever I say or do is wrong. And Monkey is just an innocent tomato. Why can’t I be Angel? *sigh*

Talking of monkeys once when I was in 1st grade I gave an Eid card to my teacher. You know what I scribbled inside?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I saw a monkey
Just like you!

Poor teacher!! (Although she did look like a monkey...a bit) Oops!

PS: I know I’ve got u people confused. I don’t know why I wrote it it. Just feel like doing so. Monkey doesn’t even read my blog (so what if it is full of senseless stupid stuff?) =/

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Uni, Shoes n Nothing

Yay!! At last my PC’s back…I thought I’d never see it again… Life was totally hell without it (exaggerating)


It’s been ages (about 2 weeks) since I posted anything, and even right now I’ve nothing in my mind to write about. So I’ll just chatter nuisance.

Did I tell you that I’ve gotten admission [finally!!] in a dental college?? Yeah. Am going to be a dentist (eww!! Gross Gross!). Now with admission fees and all stuff paid and bought am thinking if I’ve made a right choice, the thing is I don’t really know what I want to do. Am so very lazy (with no ambitions or whatsoever). If I were given a choice of spending all my life like this (all day at home, lazing around, eating, reading, blogging, having fun and getting bored. All so busy doing nothing) I’d not mind. Believe me, these holidays were very boring (very is an understatement), and it is kinda relief to see these ‘holidays’ ending. But still I’d no worries and any responsibility (except to prepare for the test and clean my room). Responsibility, that’s what making me nervous. It’s a big step; I just can’t change my mind and go back if I found BDS boring. I’ll have to stick with it till the end and do my best. No turning back ...oh well. Am looking forward to be going to my new university…it’ll be different, not at all like college or school. I hope I’d be able to make some good and fun friends (no real worries. Am so nice, I’ll make thousands *am not really modest, am I?* =/)


And oh yes, you’ll be relieved (with no doubt) to hear, that after weeks of fruitless search I’ve finally found my perfect shoes!! *sigh of relief*. They’re not really wonderful, just some plain black sandals but real comfy. Not like those stupid pointed heels Mum buys for me (am short). I won’t get bristles anymore and nor will I stumble (like I did in stupid heels) …*smiling widely*.

Life’s good…kinda…sorta…nowadays ^-^

Emo; Brain Cells

Friday, October 24, 2008

I So Wish!

Ok, this chemistry is killing me. Am sOooooOooO much bored! So, am gonna take a break, a really long break (Long break = enough studies for today, the rest tomorrow…see, that long).


Last night, at about 4 in the morning, when I wasn’t sleepy at all (no am not insomniatic, it’s just that I woke up at 2 PM), had no good book to read, was too bored to study, too tired to listen to songs, no one I could text to …I decided to make a list (just a mental list) of the things I need, want or wish to be …So here’s the list:

1) A brain (need to borrow till Sunday. Will give it back on Monday, promise! Lend me a brain please? Anyone?) [Important Note: it must be like that of Dexter’s]
2) A new computer or a laptop (this one is lagging and has a virus)
3) An iPhone n all. (All = every new ‘cool’ expensive thing)
4) A perfect shoes (still haven’t any =( …where do I find perfect comfy shoes?)
5) A perfect man (I can wait for another 8 years, no hurry)
6) A perfect blog (so perfect that I don’t have to paste blog URL on Orkut)
7) A watch like the one Ben 10 has.
8) A genie who would grant 10000000 wishes a day.
9) Get to meet Sidney Sheldon, although he’s dead. Well, cross this one. Am not very fond of dead people.
10) A talking tree with which I could share my dark-dark secrets (am very fond of plants)
11) An elf that could turn me into an elf (any elf reading? If so, please contact me)
12) A tom cat (I’ll name him Mr. Wow or Christopher after Christopher Pike)...Mum says am not responsible enough so no pets for me. =(
13) February (so I could be 18)
14) A cage, a big one. I’ll lock my brothers in it. (Note: with food, water, clothes, PS2, TV, cell phones and all the essential stuff) See, how nice I’m!
15) An aquarium (with no fishes [fake one will do, though], just rocks and shells).
16) A library (but none could borrow books, I’ll create one just to show off my books)
17) Meet Zac Efron and make him fall in love with me. If not Zac then Joe Jonas will do!
18) A magic wand to make me grow taller. Am only 5’1 =/
19) A chocolate factory but no Oompa Loompas. Willy Wonka is welcome.
20) Get to meet some pixies, goblins, imps, brownies and all those creatures in Enid Blyton’s books.
21) Get to roam around the world.
22) Gain more wisdom, knowledge, fame, talent, beauty and fortune.
23) A nice-nice sweet voice so I could sing without shattering windows and deafening other people.
24) A robot which looks like me and could do all of my work. Too bad I don’t have any twin.
25) Get to eat all yummy goodies and gain no weight.
26) Be sugar, spice and everything nice.
27) Become a super-girl….or better the chosen one.

Ok that’s it for now. Yawn!! I’d better go and study (Mum’s glaring at me) …n hope that I get to do all these things. I so wish!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh-so-studious Me!

Believe it or not, today I finally studied. Not the whole syllabus of course, but kinda revised botany….all of it. Now don’t smirk, because this is quite a lot for me. Don’t believe me? Ask Sana, she’ll tell you how ‘kam chor' I’m! For months (July-October) people have been badgering me ‘Study, Sidrah study’. Daily when I’d wake up Mum would be all ready to say like a cheerleader ‘Sidrah beta, study!’ Friends would text me ‘you studying or not?’ ...Dad when home from work would ask ‘So tell me Sidrah, how much did you study today?’ (Peering at me through his glasses) …..and my answer would be ‘Of course I’m! Stop asking me this silly question! I wasn’t studying of course…was just pretending to …I’d take all of my books (course books, reference books, quiz books, story books ...Every book), four huge registers …and would fling them on my bed and would be engrossed in them, like nothing else mattered except how poor star fishes have no brain or jelly fish is 99% water (don't ask me why am giving you such fishy examples …am curious about this myself). Then after a reading a line or so, I’d start doodling, reading a ‘story’ book or texting. Well, I started to feel guilty and ashamed (I rarely feel such things, so I wasn’t feeling 'me') …and now that ‘My Conscience’ is bugging me to study, I thought why not listen to it. But far too late now (or perhaps, its not?) Test on next Sunday, still have to read 1000 other books. Sigh. I’d better go and study (stupid conscience!)….Wish me luck!! Cya

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Babysitting Blues

Note: All the names have been changed.

‘I want an Ice cream!!’ my five year old cousin, Dexter, very brutally pulled on my arm, and shouted in my ear.
‘I just gave you one, where is it? Surely, you haven’t eaten it yet?’ I asked him, shrugging him off me.
‘I dropped it,’ he gave me a puppy dog look. I sighed and gave him mine. I didn’t want to (I love mango tango) but I was sure we didn’t have any left. I watched Dexter as he licked it, and after few yucky big bites, he handed me Mango Tango back. Saying that I can eat it now. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it. I’m not that greedy.


Picture this: It’s a second day of Eid. You’re at your Grandpa’s place. Dressed in your Eid clothes (which, I assure you, are very very uncomfortable, as it was selected by my mum…and the dress has sequins and all that silly stuff on ititchy...itchyitchy!!) . Your aunts (I’ve seven) and your mum are having fun in the next room. You can hear them laughing, gossiping and eating (I couldn’t ‘hear’ them eating, but they were having tea). You’re babysitting 9 devilish evil children all by yourself. Your brothers are supposed to help you, but they’ve run away with your totally spun older cousins...and you’re stuck. All alone. Screams. And wait, what’s that? Yeah, your friends texting you to come and join the party. Jealous! And those texts by Him. You’re flattered that Him remembers you, but you can’t even reply properly. And oops, here goes your mobile in 2 years old Bubbles hands. Click. Click. Click. Pictures are being taken. Horrible pictures! You’re hoping that she hasn’t accidentally mms those pictures to someone. All very suddenly Bubbles throws the mobile gleefully into air. You also throw yourself on the floor in attempt to catch it. You’ve caught it but also have managed to twist your ankle. You painfully (very!) get up and slump wearily into the couch. Eyeing your cousins with contempt and amusement. Wondering that you must be too like them when you were young. Annoying, snooty and messy. (By the way, I don’t think I was like them. Am too nice. So what if my parents say I was naughty as hell. Every parent thinks so). Shaggy tries to snatch your cell from you. You can’t help slapping him (cruel of me, I know) He runs to his mum crying at the top of his lungs. You feel guilty. But 9 – 1 = 8. Your cell vibrates and you smile widely when you see the text is by Him. You’re just about to read it when you cousin falls and hurts his knee. He cries loudly…he sounds like a wolf howling. His mum (your aunt) comes running in the room, picks up her children (4), gives you ‘the look’, and leaves the room. 9 – 5 = 4. Phew. Two girls in pink frilly frocks, looking angelic (looks can be deceiving) and two boys (am not gonna describe their appearance, just say they also look innocent) stare at you. You stare back, thinking what they up to? Are they thinking how to torture me? You ask yourself. And the answer is yes. An evil smile flickers across Dexter’s face. All four of them take out water guns and squirt the water at you. You let them, and now you’re wet. They run away, you’re too tired to run after them. Though, you’re seething with anger. After a while, your mum comes in and gives you a lecture. That how you should be gentle, attentive and patient towards children. You nod solemnly and promise to behave properly from now on. You mum smiles and then goes away. You’re alone. Thankfully. But still, missing the comfort of your room and of course, your worn out but comfy old blue jeans.

Terrible, right? That was how I spent my 2nd day of Eid =( but, well, it’s over now! So, cheers. And am never ever gonna baby-sit again.

I know you readers (if there is any) are making sympathetic faces. Poor girl, what luck! Well, such luck!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Umm..Whatever You Call This

Wow. Another month. Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to 2008.

God knows where my muse is. It’s not smart, I know, but at least it’s smarter than me. I don’t know what to write about. But let me try?

I wish I weren’t so superstitious. No, I don’t believe that black cats bring you bad luck…or if a lizard walks over you, you get….I don’t remember….it’ll bring bad luck too?

Once there was a fire in our home. Nothing much was damaged except my brother’s bicycle and my Dad’s trunk which was filled with ancient and useless stuff (Mum says it’s a good thing that it got burned because Dad wouldn’t have ever got rid of it. Poor Dad). Anyways, the fire didn’t burn our home to ground nor it scalded us to death but I was scared to death. Just imagine your mum waking you up in the middle of night from your deep slumber. Telling you to go outside in your pajamas. Not even letting you get a jacket. Then you’re standing outside in an awfully awful freezing night. Surrounded by neighbors and fire fighters…watching your home burning away. Ok, sorry…now I’m starting to exaggerate. The fire was a minor one and we were back to bad in less than an hour. But as I told you, I got scared. Now I’ve got this weird habit. I’d be sleeping (usually I’m awake) in the middle of the night, and this feeling that something isn’t right. I’ll get up and check the whole house, making sure that everything is all right. It’s not that weird, but irritating. I’d be feeling all nice-nice, cuddled up in my bed, reading a book and then this voice ‘What’s the noise? What’s that smell? What’s crackling? Go! Check the home…and thus begins the ‘home-trip’ as I call it, making sure that everything is all right. No fire, no giant bear raiding the kitchen, no burglar sleeping in our sitting room. See, how annoying it is. It’s been about four years and I so wish I’d stop doing this. It gets on my nerves.

In some ways am like my Dad. I never throw away my stuff. I know am not ever gonna play with my doll house…but I don’t have a heart to give it away to someone. I won’t feel good if I’ll. Even that broken watermelon keychain is dear to me. Same with books, CDs and magazines…I don’t like to lend them (but love to borrow them) …thousands of books I know am not gonna read again are rusting away in my bookshelf. When I’ll get older, like 60 years old, I’ll hold a garage sell. And a book fair too. Do come! I’ll let you know through my, keep reading!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And Where Are My Perfect Shoes?!

I want to sing this song (I know I sound horrible when I sing but just tolerate a bit)

So, ahem ahem…here I go:

I want fabulous,
That is my simple request,
All things fabulous,
Bigger and better and best,
I need something inspiring to help me get along,
I need a little fabulous is that so wrong?

Thank you, thank you! (Bows)

Now you must be thinking why I sang this song. Don’t worry, am not at all like Sharpay, but I do want fabulous. And perfect. This is not easy as am far from perfect. To quote Marian Keyes I’m like plain unflavored yoghurt at 35 C. Get the hint, huh? Good! Even though I’m like yoghurt that doesn’t mean I can’t be perfect. Put ‘Nobody is perfect’ to hell! I say everybody is perfect (ok Sidrah, don’t you get sentimental here). Anyways, my point is…..well, I don’t know what my point bored to death so am just writing whatever comes to mind.

Eid is tomorrow. Am glad. NOT! I don't have the perfect fabulous shoes!! Believe me, I tried every single shoe but none of them gelled with me. Actually, I bought one pair of shoes but now I don’t like them. Somewhere in the darkest corner of the city (I hope not too dark) perfect shoes would be waiting for me. I wish they’d scream my name so I’d go running to them. I feel like Cinderella waiting for her prince’s arrival with her shoes (not really!)

Oh no, mum just entered my room. What’s she saying?

‘Blah, blah blah blah blah…….’ mum is talking but am not listening, am not being rude or anything, it’s just that whenever mum (or dad) speaks to me my brain automatically stops working. So, it’s not my fault. I heard a word or two, something about cleaning my room. I just cleaned it three months ago! If mum insists I’ll just stash the stuff under the bed or in closets. Skeletons in the closet… (Lame joke, I know!)

‘Blah blah blah blah….’ oh no, now she wants me to study! Isn’t that too cruel of mum? I have gotten free just a month ago (two months ago, actually). I need to relax (make that reeeeelaaaaxxxx!!!) and why do universities take aptitude test? People say they’re easy, just logic. But logic means I’ll have to use my brain. Which is quite hard. My mind doesn’t listen to me….it has a mind of its own. I do wonder sometimes if I’ve a mind or not. Then I say I must have, as am so smart and all (sorry, am not really a modest person). Oh, well.

Right now, I’m staring at the screen…posting my blog’s URL on Orkut (which I think is the most boring thing to do). Checking out random profiles (which is also the most boring thing), looking for perfect and fabulous background (boring). Wondering where my perfect and fabulous shoes are (disturbing). Thinking about writing a perfect and fabulous story (yawns)…..and I still wish I were an elf. Being a human being is way too boring. At least for me it is. Now my eyes are watering. I should shut down the PC, and I can smell something burning. You must be bored too by my all so nuisance chatter (I hope not!)….anyways.... Cya!

She wants fabulous,
That is her simple request,
All things fabulous,
Bigger and better and best,
She needs something inspiring to help her get along,
She needs a little fabulous is that so wrong?

Fabulous pool, fabulous splash,
Fabulous parties even fabulous trash,
Fabulous fashion, fabulous bling,
She's got to have fabulous everything.

Nothing to discuss. Everything's got to be perfect. For me!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Think Happiness

Just a quote i liked: "Three things should never be broken...Toys, Promises and Hearts"

You get up from the bed, draw the curtains..letting the warm sunshine in, you feel the cool breeze on your skin and tell yourself it's a new day. A new start. But later in the day nothing changes, everything is same. You're being trampled on again. At night you stand by your window, watching the moon hiding behind the clouds, you ask God 'Why me?' You never get an answer. You never will until you think. Maybe it's your own fault and you're unaware. Hate and jealousy will only damage your soul. It's a not good feeling when people are expecting something from you and you fail to live up to their expectations. You know you've a potential to do better, but you've failed and now it's over. You're giving up. Once a failure always a failure. Or so you think so. You're stuck in a big hole, all alone...but why give up? Try to find a way out. It's right when they say 'Try and try until you succeed'. You should never give up. No matter how hard you fall, or how far you have got to bounce back. Nobody in this world will help you. People might comfort you, but only you can help yourself. So, have hope and think happiness! And yes, Everyday is a new day, a new start. =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Smile Wide, Smile Bright

Lisa usually woke up with a big smile on her face but not on that Monday morning. Everything seemed to be going wrong. Firstly she’d this nightmare in which she was lost in a dessert, dying from hunger and thirst, and about fifty camels chasing her. Secondly, when she was getting up from her bed, she slipped and bruised her knee. Thirdly while slipping; she also managed to break her precious china doll into thousands of pieces. Grumbling and muttering, trying to avoid further accidents, she went to brush her teeth. Usually after brushing her teeth she’d flash a quick smile at the mirror, admiring herself. But, of course, not on that morning. Today she just stood in front of her mirror and saw an ugly creature staring back at her, a creature who was scowling, eyes narrowed, with its lips slipped downwards.
‘This is me,’ she announced sadly to herself ‘I never knew I look like this ugly’ feeling hopeless already she began to feel sad too. Running the comb through her brown bushy hairs, she picked up her school bag. Before going downstairs she glanced at her reflection once again.
‘Oh Lisa, don’t frown like that,’ a voice like that of cartoons cried, making her jump.
‘Who’s this?’ Lisa looked around herself; sure that someone was playing a trick on her.
‘Your mirror!’ the voice chuckled ‘Stop scowling like that and smile, will you? You’re not at all ugly’
‘Don’t lie to me whoever you’re, my reflection says it all,’ she replied sadly, and frowned even deeper.
‘You don’t believe me, do you?’ the mirror said, bleakly ‘You’re quite pretty when you smile. But if you want to look like this forever, then I can’t stop you’ Mirror went silent.
‘But I don’t want to look like this!’ Lisa exclaimed helplessly.
‘You don’t?’ Mirror asked solemnly.
‘Yes, I don’t!’ Lisa exclaimed exasperatedly.
‘Then smile!!’ the mirror was cheerful again.
She looked backed at her refection. Indeed she was frowning deeply.
‘Smile,’ the mirror encouraged. Lisa obeyed and smiled. That was the Cinderella Moment. The ugly creature in the mirror suddenly turned into a pretty little girl.
‘Oh, Mirror! You’re right; I’m not ugly at all!’ Lisa exclaimed happily.
‘Yes, Lisa you’re not,’ Huh? This wasn’t Mirror. She looked over her shoulder and saw her mum standing on the door.
‘Hurry up, your brothers waiting’ her mum frowned deeply, her hands on her hips ‘you’re going to be late’
Lisa hugged he mum ‘Don’t frown, mum! It doesn’t suit you at all. Smile!’ her mum laughed at this and hugged Lisa back. ‘Now come downstairs!’ she pecked Lisa on her cheek and smiled. ‘Yes, coming in a moment,’ Lisa turned to face the mirror: ‘Mirror, mirror! Hanging on the wall. Who’s the beautiful of all?’ ‘Ho ho, ho ho’ the mirror laughed loudly like Santa Claus but said nothing. ‘Oh well, I think I’m beautiful!’ Lisa smiled grandly and went downstairs. ‘That’s the spirit!’ the mirror yelled after her.

How many times in a day you tell yourself that you’re ugly? Many times? Sometimes, I do too. In real life, no mirror is going to tell us that we look good when we smile. We’ll have to tell that ourselves. Many people don’t smile because they wear braces and are afraid that they’ll get teased but I think a person wearing braces and smiling widely is downright awesome! Smiling not only makes you look cute but it also makes you look friendly, it’s one of the best ways to approach someone! You smile and the world will smile with you! So, guys keep smiling and cheering... And don’t scowl and frown, they don’t suit you at all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oops!....I Did It Again!

Do you guys often make a fool of yourselves? Or say, make an ass of yourself? Yeah, I’m talking about those awkward and embarrassing moments which make us cringe... Oh man, I’ve been through so many of them that I shouldn’t feel humiliated anymore. I should get used to it by now, but I can’t. I guess nobody can. You just have to live with this stuff. Some of them are funny, and you can have a good laugh later about them…they’re the good ones!

Few months back my aunt came over our house. She’s in her late forties and is all preppy and all-you-people-I’m-perfect-and-don’t-you-dare-mess-with-me type (let’s call her Pixel?). Everything gets on her nerves (except her own children of whom she thinks a world of, but ‘they do’ get on ‘my’ nerves). Anyways, it was a hot-hot day, and when I say hot, I mean hot. The sun was being unusually cruel to us citizens of Karachi...and what’s with this load-shedding thing, it was awfully awful. So, there she was standing on our doorstep, her head held high and a little smug smile playing on her lips. Her hairs, which are always ‘perfect’, were not-so perfect that day. Her make-up was smeared and she'd dark circles…oh well; she was looking ‘Horrible!!!’ She must have seen my shocked expression, as she ran her fingers through her hair and dabbed a tissue on her face consciously.

‘Hello’ I said after a while and moved aside to let her in.

‘Where’s your mother,’ she smiled at me, came inside and went straight into our kitchen (which was quite messy that day)

‘She’s out. She’ll be back in about half an hour, I think’ I led her to the lounge and we sat on the sofa in awkward silent. Aunt Pixel eyed the room (which was also quite messy, my brothers’ toys, clothes, books strewn all over the place and hey, what was that! Oh, just ketchup dripping from the bottle). At times like these I wish I’d some magical powers, so with just a glance I could clean this place. I so wish!

‘Could you get me a glass of water, dear?’ she said in a way which meant ‘where are your manners, girly?’

‘Oh, yes, of course,’ I got up and went to the kitchen. Now, kitchen is one of those places in my home where you won’t find me often, actually almost never. I went through cabinets, cursing myself for not knowing where mum had put those ‘precious’ glasses of hers. After an hour (it was only 5 minutes, ok?) I found some of those oh-so-precious glasses. Took out one, filled the glass with ice-cold water, placed it on a tray and went back to the lounge.

I handed the glass to Aunt Pixel, she said thanks and in one big gulp she drank it all.

‘Err…would you like some more?’ I asked, wishing she’d say no.

‘Yes, dear,’ she smiled, for the first time she ‘really’ smiled. What I mean is, it also looked like a smile.

I took one quick look. Poor Aunt Pixel, she looked so tired. Why don’t you give her some lemonade? The angel on my shoulder whispered softly. God knows where the devil was, if it were here, it’d have tried to stop me. But no, at that time it was taking a nap or something. Yes, that would be nice, I told the angel. So, I made Aunt Pixel some lemonade.

I handed her the glass, smiling sweetly at her. I shouldn’t have smiled. When people say smiling is good, it is …but on other hand it could make some people suspicious.

‘I made some lemonade for you,’ I was pleased with myself. Aunt Pixel gave me that unique smile of hers and took a sip. I waited for her reaction, waiting for her to say something…like praising me? But instead of smiling she frowned.

‘Something isn’t right,’ she took another sip and frowned even deeper.

‘Umm…what’s wrong?’ my face fell as she put the glass aside.

‘It has a weird taste,’ she shrugged. Just then the bell rang. Saved by the bell, I thought, and went to open the door. Mum came in with hundreds of shopping bags. When she saw Aunt Pixel, she threw the bags on the floor and ran to hug her. It isn’t often you’ll find Aunt Pixel in our home. And mum simply dotes on her sister. I left them, the glass of poor lemonade in my hand and went back to kitchen. I was puzzled, why didn’t Aunt Pixel like this lovely cool refreshing lemonade, I wondered out aloud.

‘Because it wasn’t lemonade?’ the devil crackled loudly

‘What?’ I turned sharply to look at my shoulder. The devil pointed his pitchfork towards the chopping board where there were two yellow circular things, also known as lemons. Then it hit me, I forgot to add lemons. So the drink I served Aunt Pixel was just a mixture of water, sugar and salt. And yeah some ice-cubes. Now, how stupid you can get? So, that was my lemonade story, not so humiliating now (kinda hilarious)…but its true embarrassment when you feel embarrassed by your own self, and that was exactly what I felt at that time.

There’re too many of them, but I can’t tell you all, of course!

Does it happen to you too? When you’re about to laugh but you let out that ugly cough making it ‘coughter’ from the ‘laughter’. I hate it when it happens to me! Not that it happens to me often, just once or twice in all my years.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nothing Lasts Forever

It was our last day at school. We joked, laughed and smiled like nothing was changed. Gifts were exchanged, photographs were taken and promises were made. But we all knew deep inside that it won’t be same again. During the last hour, I went through all the classrooms, corridors, playground, library, laboratories…trying to keep their pictures fresh in my mind. At that time, I felt I wouldn’t be able to cope. School, where you spend about 12 years, is like a second home. It was quite disturbing knowing that I won’t be coming here anymore. Not ever wearing the boring uniform again which we all hated with a passion, not going to the canteen which sold food which wasn’t even edible, no more strict assemblies, no detentions, no gym, no double classes of chemistry, no dreading moments where you’d to face the principal, they might have sound welcoming when we were still in eighth grade, but not then…even if we hated those things there were far too many which we all loved. Especially the history class where we’d get all the fun, I know history classes are supposed to be boring but ours wasn’t. I looked at the desk where I’d doodled when I would be dying of boredom. I still wonder sometimes if the school still has that desk in which I’d written ‘Sidrah was bored here, Jan/2005 ’. But then again, it was not in a good shape…it’d be broken by now. We said goodbye like we normally did, no tears were shed, but we were smiling at one another nervously as if we knew we might never see each other again. When I reached home, I felt really sad. We friends still talked and met but it was different. We no longer could make fun of teachers, no daily gossips about who was doing what…we’d talk about old things like how silly that girl was looking in the picnic, or it was really unfair of our teacher to punish us when we weren’t the one talking. Stuff like that, it was ok, though. I didn’t get to brood for too long, I enjoyed summer vacations as I’d done every year...they ended and the college started. Oh, how scary I thought it’d be! I was sure I wouldn’t be able to fit in. On our 1st day, Sana said “It’s like we’re on a mission”...I agreed with her. It did seem like a mission. Two years passed like a flash and they were not bad, but quite fun. Again, on the last day at college, I felt as if I were leaving the important part of my life behind. The song ‘College days’ would make me sad, it still do actually. A week ago I went to college to collect the certificates. I’d thought I’d feel sad and all but surprisingly I didn’t. Everything was same but all the faces were different, the new students stared at me like I was intruding on their property...little did they know I’d the same feeling for them! Even I still miss my school and college days, I don’t really want to go back, because there’s no going back now. These doors have been closed forever *new ones are still locked!*. Those were lovely days, I can’t live them again...but I’ve gotten memories and my friends and they’ll do. Nothing lasts forever but hey, life goes on!

Now I’m wondering what’ll happen next, would I like the university (or wherever I’m going!)? Would other students like me? Would I be able to make friends? They’re my latest worries. Let’s see what happens now. Cya! ^_^

P.S: This drawing is made by Sana ( ...n here 'U' is me ..and Me is Sana =s!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emo; Cookie

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Whole New Look!!!

At last!!

I can’t believe it…can you? I bet you can’t! My friend, Sana, fainted from shock! OK, OK sorry, I’m prone to exaggerating..what can I do? But she was like OHHHH! Everybody (including me) is surprised! Still have to make a few changes (which I’ll do soon) and I know it’s not really awesome (should I change it?) but this will do for now (maybe forever!). People who don’t know what I’m talking about …well, guys, I changed the template. Now, if you’re thinking that I’ve lost my mind or something equally like that, I mean who writes a whole new post about a new layout? (I do!), so if you think, like, you’re totally wasting your time then you can go, I’m not stopping you (but it’ll be nice if you stay and post nice-nice-comments!) and if you think that this just so great then…umm…read on (and comment)!Anyways, the reason I’m so happy is that I’ve finally gotten rid of Snapshot Sable! Do you know it is evil!? No? Really? (Looking aghast) Well, I’ll bring you to light! That awfully awful Snapshot, it put a curse on me! It joined forces with Lady Lazy (which resides in my brain) and ATTACK!!!! I couldn’t get rid of it. Poor me, daily searching for templates and backgrounds and what not! I liked thousands of them, no, make that, millions of them! Would go happily to edit HTML and after some click click click...a whole new template! But then Lady Lazy would knock on the door of my brain
‘Oh come on, sweet!’ Lady Lazy would say in her sickly sweet voice (so sweet that I’m sure you can get diabetes) ‘Open up the door. I live here too!’
Ms. Doubtful who never likes my template (except snapshot) would cast a doubtful look at her brother Mr. OhIAlwaysGIVEuP. He’d swallow and look wearily at the door, thinking: ‘Poor Lazy, standing outside in the dark …I should open the door or maybe I shouldn’t. But if I’ll then maybe she’ll marry me’. Cheered up by this silly thought he’d get up and open the door. Lady Lazy like a race horse (or a bike?) would come running at the centre of my brain and ZzzzzZZzz …meaning, she’d fall asleep! (The nerve of her). Because of her I missed my school van hundreds of times, she’s the cause of those detentions and punishments I got as I didn’t complete my assignments and stuff. She’s the cause I gain weight! Argh!! Hate her!! Ok, coming back to the topic (what was the topic again?...oh yes...) so, when Lady Lazy sleeps, we (me & myself) begin to feel lazy and tired. The new template, that’d need a lot of work and clicks, would look horrible! To avoid it I’d do some more click click click and TADA! Back to Snapshot Sable! (Hate it!!!) …so, now you see how horrible it is! What..? No? You think I’m making up this all?? Wow! Maybe that evil snapshot has cast some spell on you (that’s must be the reason you’re taking its side!) …Beware! You might change your cool (or lovely) template to snapshot. I’m warning you! Well, that was the story of my layout! (What’s yours? *don’t tell me, I was just being polite*)

NOTE: Wait a minute! OK, wait a ‘second!’...Just hear me out, will you? Thanks! I know this is stupid (I do!) …but you don’t have to make these faces...I’d warned you earlier this post is gonna be silly so don’t blame me and now you shall comment….!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Land Of Confusion

The Land of Confusion is a vast land where you’ll find many people having blank expressions on their faces and big question marks dangling above their heads. They look harassed and tensed …a lost look on their faces tells you how hard they’re finding this life! Everybody visits this confusing land once in a lifetime, some people, many me. I’m often there, searching for any clue that’ll help me to find a way out of this land. And the only way out is to make a decision, be it any; right or wrong, a decision is a decision...even if later it throws you back in the Land of Confusion! I’m saying this as few days ago I read a quote ‘Making a right choice is not as important as making the choice. One way or another, the rightness will show up’ so, well, I’m really hopeful that I’d come out all right. I just have to make a choice to get out of the Land of Confusion or else I’d be stuck there forever. But I don’t even know what my problem is. Maybe there isn’t any. I’m confused about my life, like, should I do this or that? Then I think about that quote, I say to myself, do anything. But where are the choices? I can’t see any. And poor me stuck in this Land alone, no friends to console me, they all know what they’re gonna do. I wish I could do anything I like. Fly and touch the sky, twinkle with the stars, take a jump from the cliff and land on the ground with no injuries, eat anything and everything without the fear of getting fat, take a tour of the galaxy and spend a weekend on my favorite planet, Jupiter, swim with the fishes freely breathing in water, and talk to animals like Pocahontas (she talks, right? Or, well, maybe I’m wrong)...and many things I know I can never do!
Sometimes I don’t like my name it’s so common and many people forget to put an ‘H’ in my name which annoys me but it’s not their fault as most people spell it ‘Sidra’ ..Oh well!! I’m totally confused about the meaning of my name. Some says that it means ‘a tree in the heaven’ and some says ‘a fruit of heaven’. I hope it means tree, I love trees. Sometimes I talk to them too (if nobody is looking) and I wish I were an elf! If I could change my name it’d be Juniper (after this cartoon character, Juniper Lee). I don’t know the meaning but I if you do then please tell me (I hope it’s good)

I’m confused why I wrote this. I’m confused about being confused. I’m confused why on earth I’m posting this confusing thing. Hope you’re not confused...I think I just saw some people scratching their heads with their
eyebrows raised! I know this is ridiculous! But, not my fault, I’m confused with capital C!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Revolutionary Resolutions

1) Try 2 watch all the movies I bought, lyk, ages ago (including Nim’s island, Definitely maybe, Spiderwick and 27 Dresses)
2) Try 2 stop listening 2 radio as I always send tons of message and finish my balance! (Thank God am too shy 2 call)
3) Stop crushing on Zac Efron n Nick Jonas. They distract me in studies.
4) Stop crushing on current CrushBoy. Anyways, he doesn’t know I exist! He distracts me in the class.
5) Try 2 listen 2 sad songs n dance lyk there’s no 2morrow!
6) Laugh on lame jokes lyk there’s no 2morrow.
7) “Only 5 posts a month” …that shud be my motto
8) Be online only for half an hour n only on weekends.
9) Stop eating Jam hearts as they can make me fat! (only 2 jam hearts a day)
10) Stop sending forward msgs.
11) No missed calls frm 2day!
12) Socialize with people and discuss current topics (discussions on Orkut and Facebook forums not included)
13) Try not 2 whine when I want something badly instead talk 2 mum & dad in a grown up way.
14) Help mum in clearing the table after lunch/dinner and try my best not 2 eat the leftovers!
15) Go out with friends to the mall or something (Sana, u rolling ur eyes?)
16) When go 2 Jumbo’s Book Sale, dun buy more than 6 books, make that 10.
17) Be nice 2 my brothers so that they wud respect me more.
18) Study 4 the test … “Study all day n night” shud be my motto
19) Buy a Zong sim
20) Dun waste money over stupid n silly things lyk an extra sim!
21) Stop praying 2 God that He’d make me an elf. U never know when ur wish can come true …I might regret it later!
22) Be naturally Bridget Jones.
23) Listen 2 mum when she says ‘Eat ur veggies’ in this way I won’t get fat!
24) Try 2 watch channels other than Disney.
25) “Nobody is thinking abt u as everybody is thinking abt themselves”…shud be my motto (read it in a book called ‘Olivia Joules’)
26) Dun post Blog URL on Orkut Blogger communities daily (I do it lyk 10 times a day)…wishing that people wud come and comment on my pointless posts.
27) Stop giving Blog URl on MIRC this way it’ll also prevent me frm getting kicked or banned.
28) Popularize ur Blog. ‘All is fair in love and blogging’ ..That shud be my motto.
29) Be more optimistic. People will love my blog eventually.
30) Stop telling people that I’ll go 2 Bermuda n solve the mystery when I’ll be 50.
31) Have fun!!
32) Love urself and smile a lot, it’ll make others wonder what I am up to! Smiling is also a good exercise for cheeks muscles.
33) Create a mysterious aura around myself .. that’ll also make people wonder!
34) Stop writing things on the desk lyk ‘bored 2 death’ n my blog URL, instead, concentrate on the lecture.

35) No more resolutions!!

P.S: If I keep the above resolutions, in no time I’ll be organized, rich, talented and most responsible person in this world! Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


I was about 3 years old when my dad bought me my first book. It was called ‘Just so Stories’. I loved it! Of course I didn’t read the stories myself; I’d ask my parents to read them for me. I loved looking at the pictures. And sometimes when my parents weren’t looking, I’d color the pictures too. Seeing that I love books my dad got me another one, Around the World in Eighty days. But the funny thing is I still have not read it. I’ve this feeling it’d be really boring. I still got that same copy which is now old and battered but I don’t have a heart to throw it away or give it to someone else. By the way I’ve seen ‘around the world in eighty days’ Disney version, starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy! It was good!
The first book I read all by myself was ‘The Gulliver’s Travels’ ...With a dictionary beside me^_^ …followed by Oliver Twist, The Secret Garden, Robinson’s Cruise, Emma, Heidi, Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, The Tempest, Tom Sawyer (I think Huckleberry Finn is better) ..Ok there are just so many and I just love to show off! I missed those moments when I’d curl up in my sofa at nights, when my noisy brothers would be sound sleep, reading a book and drinking warm milk. Gone are the days when I used to read Famous Five, Nancy Drew, Roald Dahl, Sweet Valley series, The Baby Sitters club etc etc …I also loved to read Sidney Sheldon’s novel. They were oh-so-mesmerizing! I’ve read all of them (told you I love to show off!) Nowadays I’ve become Bridget Jones, Jenny Colgan and Marian Keyes type fan. I’ve got so many books that I could open my own library, which annoys my mum very much as I’ve taken almost every single shelf in my house for books (no place left in my room)
My all time favorite book is ‘The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton. When I read it the first time, I was so fantasized by it. Every second I’d pray to God that I’d get to live in Enchanted Wood and meet Jo, Fanny and Bessie, some elves, brownies and imps. And of course Moon-Face, Saucepan man and Silky! Once I’d this wonderful dream in which I saw that my family and I had moved to a country side. We’d a big farm and a pond. There were cows, ducks and hens (which lay golden eggs) …and in the middle of the farm stood a large tree which was supposed to be the magical Faraway tree. I visited every land by climbing through the cloud (My favorite land was the land of tea parties!) Thank God I didn’t get stuck in Dame Slap’s school!! Well, when I woke up, I was really disappointed to find myself in my own oh-so-boring home! Lol!
And oh yes! How could I forget three such famous and best books! You’re right! They’re Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Eragon! I really miss Harry Potter series; I’ve read all the parts so many times that I don’t want to read anymore, want something new! Eragon’s third part will be out in September, I can hardly wait! Something to look forward to….!

Okay, that’s it! Wondering why I wrote all this? Simple...Was BORED, as usual! I’ve this big test coming up in September and I’ve not read a single word yet...But I’ll start studying from tomorrow, seriously I’ll. Honest! (Just hope I’d!)

Holidays; Goodbye!

‘Sidrah! Wake up!!’ someone was slapping me. That hurts! I thought sleepily and covered my face to protect it from further harm. I was dreaming that I was lost in a tunnel and there was a wild boar out to eat me and my cookies. Dreams can be stupid sometimes.
SLAP! Aww! That was painful. I opened one eye and found three faces staring at me.
‘She’s alive,’ Somia looked happy to see me awake.
‘Who’s alive?’ I asked. My back ached and I’d a splitting headache. And yeah, I was thirsty too and hungry, of course.
‘You!’ they saw me in wonder as I sat up
‘Why are you looking at me like this?’ I asked, slightly irritated ‘I’m not some mummy’
‘We thought you died,’ Fat remarked.
‘Oh I was just sleeping,’ I mimicked Fat’s voice, the way she’d said in the train. She pursed her lips.
‘Oh no’ my dream came true, I was in a tunnel as I looked around ‘I thought I was dreaming’
‘I thought that too,’ Somia said. She looked horrible, dirt and mad covered her face, her hairs, which were usually clean and shiny looked dusty and dry. I checked my hands and nails. They were also dirty. Weird. Where are we? Suddenly it all came back; the tunnel trip, boars, cookies, flash lights and Blue.
The candle will be out in about half an hour, I thought looking at the candle. Its flame was getting bigger and bigger.
‘Let’s try to open the door,’ I said getting up. My legs were numb. I sat back hard again.
‘We tried, it was no use,’ Sana said, fiddling with a rock.
Minutes passed by and we talked. The candle burned out and we talked about Zac Efron. Our stomachs demanded food we talked about Boars. Then we couldn’t talk anymore. We’d talked about almost everything.
‘Let’s play a game,’ Sana said ‘I say a thing starting with A, let’s say Apple, and you’ll say a thing with E now, got it?’
Even when we didn’t want to play we’d no choice. We played and played until we were bored out of our skulls.
‘Let’s sing,’ Somia clapped her Hands. We moaned at this but sang anyway.

“We’re all in this together
And it shows…when we stand
Hand in hand…make our dreams come true”

We sounded horrible but didn’t have the energy to laugh. I was beginning to feel hopeless.
We’re all in this together
Once we know…that we are
We’re all stars…and we see …..SQUEAK!
‘What was that,’ Sana whispered. I heard it too, a squeak.
‘Maybe it’s the boar,’ Somia said fearfully.
We all listened quietly. There it was again. Squeak. Squeak.
Suddenly the room was alight. I looked up at the ceiling door and saw Blue looking down at us, looking grubby.
‘Come out now,’ he urged.
‘Yay!’ Fat cheered, we cheered with her and climbed out. It was so bright outside that my eyes hurt. I squinted. I looked upwards and a saw puffy cloud passing through the sky. I looked at Blue. I took a really good look at him. He didn’t look like he’d slept as he’d dark circles under his eyes and his hair wild and uncombed. Our hero, our savior! I’m gonna worship him, I thought smiling happily. Then it dawned on me that he was the one who lured us in the tunnel. Because of him we were looking so ugly right now. And that wild boar! It was a narrow escape. We could have died. My smile turned upside down.
‘Where were you?’ Somia demanded angrily brushing away the cobwebs from her face.
Blue ran his fingers through his hair and looked at his feet ‘Sorry’ he grunted.
‘Sorry?’ we yelled at him. We yelled and yelled and told him all the horrible things we went through and all he’d to say was just stupid old plain sorry? Humph!
He confessed that he escaped through another trapdoor when he saw the boar, he was about to come back to help us but Mr. Sajid caught him. That was his story.
‘What a coward,’ Somia remarked as were going back to the camp. I didn’t say anything but I knew she was upset and fuming inside. She liked him. Poor Somia!

‘Whatever happened to you??’ Sk exclaimed in disbelief and came running to us as we stepped inside the camp. We told her our story and Blue’s. Her eyes were wide open with shock. She thought we were making it up all. But she believed us when we insisted.
‘I told you guys not to go!’ she hugged us. We hugged her back. I was so happy to be alive I can’t tell you.
‘Come on. Get ready. The bus will be going in an hour,’ she said stuffing her things in her bag ‘I packed your bags’ she gestured towards our bags neatly zipped standing in the corner.
‘Thanks’ we washed ourselves and got ready. Mr. Sajid collected our bags from us and told us to wait 10 minutes.
‘Would you guys come with me,’ Sk pointed over the bushes where we’d found Dan-Bug. Sk was carrying the jar with Dan-Bug in it.
‘So?’ I asked when we reached there.
‘I’m gonna release Dan-bug’ Sk said, tears in her eyes “Ms.Orla was right’
‘But first take my picture with Dan-Bug.’ She wiped her tears away and handed Sana a camera. We squealed when Sk took out the Dan-Bug which flew and sat on her cheek.
‘Say cheese, we tease!’ Sana said. Click. Flash!
‘Now go Dan-bug. Be happy,’ Sk shouted as Dan-bug flew away ‘I’ll miss you’
‘We’ll miss you!’ this time we all shouted. After taking some more pictures with Fat and Somia, we went to the bus which was waiting for us.
‘Where were you, girls?’ Ms. Orla barked ‘And why are you so untidy’ we cringed and quietly sat in the backseat. We reached the station after 40 minutes. Farhan laughed out loud when we saw us.
‘So you went, huh? Farhan asked Fat ‘Told you not to go. Now look what happened to you all’ he faked a sad face. Fat threw him a violent look.
God! We must be looking really horrible, I thought, I wanted to go home quickly! What will my brothers say? But I didn’t get to brood for too long as we were quickly ushered in the train by the teachers. We all exchanged numbers. Interestingly Somia lived in our town! Fat was from another but what cell phones and internet are for?! I didn’t hate Fat anymore, she was really fun if you get know her better.
‘We’ll be home in two hours!’ Sana exclaimed ‘I missed my family very much’
‘I missed good food’ I said eating a disgusting chicken roll.
‘I missed Dan-Boy,’ Sk smiled dreamily ‘He didn’t call’ she pouted.
‘I missed my cat’ Somia added and we all looked at Fat. But she was busy watching Blue who was talking animatedly to a girl outside the compartment.
Fat got up and walked towards them
‘Hey Tarzan!’ she thumped him on his back ‘This is your Jane?’ Fat was all cutesy. She was smiling so sweetly that you could get diabetes! Blue went red and his eyes fell on me. I feigned an innocent expression. The girl was confused and walked away. Blue gave Fat something, said something and also walked away.
‘This is for you,’ she handed the chit to Somia. We eagerly watched as she unfolded it.
‘It’s his number!’ Somia waved the chit happily ‘and he says he’s really sorry!’ I hoped Somia wouldn’t turn into another Sk. Farhan came in some after sometime and invited us to a party in the compartment next door. We’d so much fun and we ate some yummy things too. We all exchanged numbers. Blue said sorry once again, this time he looked sorry too. We again told him what happened in front of everybody and forgave him. I don’t think they believe us. The story sounded too far fetched now, even to me. And I think Farhan is kind of good looking. Oh well!
So right now, I’m at home lying peacefully in my warm bed...Chatting with Fat, Farhan, Blue, Camper and Coral. Oh I almost forgot to tell you one thing; I and my family might go to Malta as Jane invited us. I’m looking forward to it! I don’t want to admit it but I missed Camper and Coral!

P.S: Sana, i know the ending is really crap but i got bored!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Ode To Friendship!

Just imagine your life without friends. Weird, isn’t it? I take my friends for granted, I think everybody does. But life would be so empty without them. Nobody calling you for hours to talk about random things, nobody there to whom you can tell some juicy piece of gossip, nobody there sharing your joys and sorrows, nobody lending you notes, books, Cds, jewelry and stuff, nobody helping you in studies, nobody calling your name the way your friends do, nobody laughing at your lame jokes, no shoulder to cry on, nobody waiting for you when you go to college, school and the kind, nobody suddenly appearing behind your back, startling you but making you smile at the same time …there’re million, no trillions of good things about friends which we ignore, never taking them seriously, thinking that they’re just small things but in reality they’re the things which make our day.
I don’t have many friends, actually only four but they’re my real friends. I can trust them. That’s the best thing about friends; you can count on them to help you! I never had a real one until I was in class 10th; there I met Maria and Sk. Hey guys! I love you both!! (I know you’re not reading this but I’ll make you. Ha-ha). And then there’s Iqra, my quiet friend, who never tells me her dark secrets! =( but I wish she’d someday! And at last but not the least, yes you’re right, it’s you Sana. I know you were waiting for your name to come along. So there you’re! More about you?? Well ……I met Sana four years ago in coaching. We performed a practical together, exchanged numbers and for two years we never saw each other, just talked on phone for few seconds. Then luckily we got admission the same college and TADA we became fast friends! We still are. Sana, stop grinning. I wrote about you because you comment on my posts and let me borrow your books (so what, you borrow mine too!) …just kidding! You’re my special friend and I’m really glad I met you!! ^_^ ok this is getting corny …
So guys, cherish the moments you spend with your friends. Treat them nicely (but don’t let them empty your pockets). Show them that you love and care; tell them that you’re lucky to have such nice friends (Like I’m doing right now! Sorry, just joking!!) …and never talk about them behind their backs; spare them, don’t make them the subject of your gossip! And never, as in never ever, break their trust because once the trust is broken it’s impossible to fix the bond of friendship (umm... I’m not good at quoting) and two more important things about friends:
* They send you forward sms on Friendship’s day!
* They also comment on your blog making it quite popular! (Thanks Sana!)

That’s it! It’s 2am right now and I’m wide awake. If my mum would see me here sitting on PC so late, she’d have a fit (I’m exaggerating) ….and well, I hope you like it, the post I mean. Bye now!

Holidays; The Tunnel Trip

‘What’s that?’ I nudged Sana, pointing towards the bag she was carrying on her back.
‘My backpack’, she replied
‘I know that! But why have you brought it? It looks heavy’ I explained impatiently.
Sana shook her head and gave me her look which said that I was being extremely foolish and slow.
‘What?’ I asked and tripped over a rock ‘Ouch’ I quickly scrambled to my feet.
‘Be careful’ Blue turned to look at me. Fat sniggered.
‘I’ve to bring few essential things’ Sana explained when I was once again on my feet.
‘Like what?’
“Like maybe a torch, water bottle, cookies, match-sticks...’ Sana trailed off.
‘Oh no’ I slapped my forehead, ‘I forgot to bring my flash light and water bottle’
‘It’s ok, you can share with me’ Sana offered.
‘Can I share too?’ Somia asked, appearing behind us
‘You didn’t bring your torch too?’ Sana asked, giving her a surprised look. I’ve to admit I was also surprised, Somia was such a neat and responsible person; I’d have thought she’d brought everything for everyone.
‘No’ she admitted sheepishly.
‘Well!’ Sana let out a short laugh ‘just hope we don’t need any of this stuff. I brought it just in case, you know’
‘Just in case? What do you mean?’
‘In case we get stuck or something…..’ Sana said lightly. Suddenly I’d butterflies in my stomach. I was excited and afraid at the same time, the feeling when you’re doing something wrong. I saw Blue and Fat talking in low voices ahead, they were moving really fast, occasionally turning around to see us as if they were afraid we were eavesdropping on their conversation. To tell you the truth, I’d have loved to know what they were talking about.
Blue and Fat stopped in the middle of their tracks, they were looking angry. We walked towards them.
‘Hey, you two okay?’ Somia asked, lifting her eyebrows.
They both turned to look at us.
‘Don’t go’ Fat said shortly, crossing her arms.
‘I’m telling you, it’s completely safe down there!’ Blue sounded tired.
‘How come then Farhan told me that there are wild boars looming around?’ she said coldly.
‘Mr. Sajid told that just to scare us, Farhan took it seriously,’ Blue winked at her and smiled. Trying to charm her, I gave Sana a knowing look.
But Fat wasn’t like us, she didn’t get charmed so easily.
‘Blue, tell us the truth. Don’t try to be a hero, if it’s not really safe, just tell us,’ Fat argued. She sounded like she knew what she was talking about. And weird enough, I felt she was right. I looked into Blue’s eyes, which were black as coal. He didn’t meet my eyes; he blinked rapidly and glanced away. It was then I was sure Fat was completely right.
‘Come on’ Blue waved his hands ‘you guys coming or not?’
‘Sure we’re,’ Somia smiled at him sweetly. Sana nodded.
Their heads turned to me. I was speechless. Part of me was saying that Fat was right; it was forbidding me to go. But the other part, the bigger one, was shouting ‘Go! Have fun, you silly girl!’
‘Yup, I’m coming’ I gave in and laughed nervously.
‘I’ll come too, then’ Fat said calmly
‘Why?’ Blue asked ungraciously.
‘Just because! Maybe to save our hero’ she laughed which sounded like a bark. Blue grudgingly smiled and started to walk. He was taking long strides; while we were trying our best not to get tangled in the creepers hanging from the trees.
‘That’s the place,’ Blue rubbed his hands, there was a wild gleam in his eyes which I didn’t like. The moon shone above us and dark trees surrounded us.
I looked down on the ground and saw a metal trapdoor. Blue heaved with all his might on the trapdoor. It squeaked but didn’t move an inch.
‘Come on,’ said Blue. We all pulled on the trapdoor. It hinges cracked loudly and slowly it stood open.
‘Wow, that was really heavy’ I panted. My hands were greasy. Sana took out her flashlight proudly and shone it downwards. Blue gave her an approving nod. All I could see was the top of the ladder and then all darkness.
Blue climbed down, motioning us to follow him. Somia went down next, then Sana trying to hold her torch steadily. I glanced at Fat who was tying her hairs in a pony tail and then also climbed down. I put my foot at the wrong place and the next second I was hanging on the rungs of the ladder.
‘Jump down’ Somia yelled at me. I did what she told me, I let go of the ladder and landed on the ground with a bump. It didn’t hurt but my heart beat was so fast that I was afraid I’d have a heart attack. I slowly stood up, dusting off my clothes. It was a small room, its ceiling really low, the room was opening to four tunnels. The room was filled with damp odour. Sana handed me a flashlight.
Fat jumped gracefully, landing beside me.
‘Now what?’ she said to Blue. She was challenging him.
Blue walked towards one of the tunnels and got on his knees and hands
‘We’ve to crawl?’ Somia groaned.
‘Yeah’ Blue didn’t look happy himself, he signaled us to follow him. We all got down on our knees and hands and crawled. The light was dim, I’d trouble seeing things. The tunnel seemed to go on and on. Blue, Sana and Somia disappeared completely. At one place the ceiling was so low I’d to duck down, completely, my face pressed against the ground.
‘Sana, what was that.’ I stopped suddenly. I heard somebody whispering ‘Sana?’ I called out loudly.
‘I think she can’t hear you,’ Fat bumped into me ‘Move on. We don’t want to be left alone here’ I started to move, all ears. I heard it again.
‘Did you hear that?’ my voice wavered slightly ‘Somebody was whispering’
‘Sidrah, it was just the wind blowing through the cracks’ Fat said gently. Yup! Of course, it was just the wind, I was relieved. Whoosh whoosh, just the wind. The tunnel abruptly opened into a place where I could stand.
‘Where are the others?’ I asked Fat, trying to keep the fear out of my voice. Fat got up and looked around; the room branched into many directions.
‘I don’t know,’ Fat said helplessly. I shone the torch into one of the tunnels and saw nothing. It looked like big hole. Then I shone it to the other one.
‘Sana?’ I yelled, my voice echoed loudly. I jumped at my own sound. ‘Somia?’
‘Blueeeeeee...’ Fat also started to yell. Somehow, her yelling didn’t comfort me. I wanted her to remain quiet like always. Then I’d know everything is okay. But it’s not; I said to myself, we’re trapped in an infinite tunnel.
‘Claudia, what are we gonna do now?’ I had almost called her Fat but I caught myself in time, I didn’t want her to be mad at me. Certainly not then. She exhaled sharply and looked at me as if she were trying to figure out something.
‘Let’s sit down and think for a moment,’ I obeyed her sat down, leaning against the wall ‘don’t panic’ I was trying my best not to cry, ‘Switch off the flashlight, we’ll need it later’ I turned it off wordlessly. Darkness closed in around us. It was pitching black; I can swear I never saw such darkness before. And for the first I was fearful, really fearful for my life.
‘Now let’s talk’ I could hear the water dripping somewhere. Fat began to tell me about her hometown. I listened vaguely but my mind was somewhere else. I felt hopeless, we’d come so far that I was sure we’ll never find our way out of the tunnel.
‘It’s useless! We can’t talk about how cute Zac Efron is when we’re stuck here,’ Fat exclaimed after a while. I giggled at this. I giggled a little more and suddenly my giggles converted into laughter. The situation seemed awfully funny, an hour ago I’d have never thought I’d be here sitting in some tunnel with total darkness surrounding me and funniest of all talking with Fat in such a friendly way!
‘Oh Sidrah,’ Fat said worryingly ‘don’t get hysterical’ that made me laugh more. I laughed so hard that my stomach began to get hurt.
‘Sidrah!’ Fat was laughing too. We laughed and laughed until I heard a loud scream followed by a roar.
‘What was that?’ my hands groped in the dark for the flashlight ‘Where’s the flashlight?”
‘I’m looking for it,’ we were dead serious now. The scream sounded like Somia’s. I fumbled for the flashlight some more and found it, I switched it on and shone towards the source of scream.
‘Come on,’ Fat said, running towards the tunnel. I ran after her. We came to an opening and found Sana and Somia huddled into a corner. I open my mouth to scream but Fat put her hand on my mouth.
‘Don’t scream!’ She whispered into my ear furiously. I saw a black animal advancing towards them. Its body was covered in bristles. It roared loudly. I winced. My knees were trembling and my teeth were chattering. I missed sitting in the darkness of the tunnel, it seemed so peaceful now. I looked at them and saw Sana pointing towards her bag which was lying nearby on the ground. Fat saw her pointing too and moved quickly and got the bag.
‘Come here,’ she pulled me back in the tunnel and emptied the bag.
‘Does she have a match-stick?’ she asked looking through the objects.
‘Yes, yes she said she brought it,’ I also started to search. The light was getting dimmer and dimmer. I saw a candle in the pile and put it in my pocket.
‘There it is,’ Fat stood up and took out one match stick from the box.
‘What are you doing?’ I asked her when I saw her going back to that creature.
‘Boars are afraid of fire,’ she smiled thinly ‘take a rock or something and throw it at the boar’
‘Are you mad, it’ll eat us alive’, I was crying now ‘I think we should get help’
‘How?’ she was right. How? I nodded and took a box from the pile and threw it at the boar. It roared loudly and turned towards us. It has red beady eyes and sharp tusks which can rip you apart.
Fat was trembling and trying to light the match-stick. It fell from her hand. The boar was really close now; I could hear its rasp breath. Suddenly Fat stood straight, took a deep breath and then really calmly lighted the match. I was holding my breath. She took a step towards the boar, the match in her hand. The boar took a step backwards. Sana and Somia then very quietly circled around the room and came towards the tunnel. Fat holding the match took another step towards the animal. Unfortunately at the same time, the match-stick burned out. My heart stopped beating. The flashlight was almost dead. In a second we’d be in the total darkness with a wild animal. The candle, you silly girl, the voice said in my head which sounded like Camper’s. My heart started to beat again. I took it out and handed it to Fat. She sighed relieved and lit it again. Then she did the bravest thing of all, she ran towards the boar at full speed. It oinked and ran away. I began to breathe calmly. For a while we didn’t say anything to each other. Then Sana broke the silence by coughing loudly. For a moment we thought the animal was back again and then began to laugh as we realized it was Sana. We went back to the same place where Fat and I were sitting before and blocked the tunnel by putting some rocks against it.
‘Where’s Blue?’ Fat asked, taking a big gulp from the water bottle.
‘He went to check on you. When you guys didn’t come, we were quite worried,’ Sana said checking her backpack ‘Where’s that blue box?’ she muttered
‘Oh, I threw it at the boar. What was in it?’ I told her.
‘It was the cookie box,’ we all groaned and realized we were terribly hungry.
'How did you know boars are afraid of fire?' i asked Sana and Fat.

"Weren't you listening to Ms. Orla the other day' I shook my head 'she told us stuff, useful stuff!' Fat smirked, the type i hated, but I wasn't hating her right then.
‘So where did Blue go,’ I wondered aloud.
‘He tricked us,’ Fat ruefully smiled.
‘But why would he do that?’ Somia looked sad, I knew she liked him ‘We didn’t do anything to him’
‘Oh Somia! He’s just like that. Farhan said he often play cruel pranks on people and thinks its funny,’ Fat gestured impatiently.
‘He told me that he was going to be a Tarzan of Changa Manga,’ I blurted out foolishly.
‘What?’ they giggled.
‘Yeah,’ I rolled my eyes, blushing furiously ‘and he said he might find his Jane here’ I added, looking meaningfully at Somia.
At this point Somia blushed. I laughed at her; she stuck out her tongue at me.
‘What should we do now,’ Sana said, breaking the awkward silence that followed ‘Blue won’t leave us here forever, will he’ she said doubtfully. We had no answer. I began to wonder. We’d be stuck here forever. Eating dirt and mud, sipping drops of water that was dripping from the walls, and later we’d be friends with that boar. The thought was awful. After resting a while, Fat suggested that we should try to find our way out. We agreed with her. With the candle in Sana’s hand we walked the tunnel.
‘Hey, wait a minute,’ Fat stopped and faced us, her face shining.
‘We’re walking! Didn’t you notice?’ she pointed to our feet.
‘Yes? So?’ Fat is losing her mind, I thought.
‘Oh Guys!’ she was already going back to the room ‘the tunnel we came from was really low. We’d to crawl, remember?’
Now that made sense. We ran back to the room and checked all the tunnels, luckily only one has low ceiling. We’d to crawl in total darkness. I closed my eyes as cobwebs brushed against my face. And then we were there. Sana lit the candle again, which was now kind of broken. Fat climbed the ladder and pushed the trapdoor. It didn’t budge.
‘Guys, we’re still stuck!’ she jumped down. We all sat quietly waiting for someone to help us.
‘Sk knows,’ Sana mumbled ‘and Farhan knows too’
‘Don’t forget Blue,’ Somia added.
So there we were sitting in an underground tunnel, with wild boars and one broken candle. Waiting for someone to help us….with no food and water!