Friday, November 28, 2008

La la la

La la la la …
And girls, they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have fun!


Am in love with this song nowadays.

Anyways. Life’s a bit okay now. Not horrible, haven’t got anything to complain about. Except that my dad promised I’ll get a laptop soon, but it’s been two weeks and still no laptop…and ‘still’ am no Angel *sigh* lately I’ve been sighing a lot. My brothers are being unusually noisy, I wish they’d, for once, be quiet. Eid is just around the corner. Not looking forward to it. I don’t like ‘bakra-eid’ =/ …it’s messy, messy and messy.

I complain a lot, don’t I?

Umm. It might sound stupid as am 17 and a girl, but I love Naruto & Dragon Ball z. and Dragon ball z is on now…so going watch it…..

*after half an hour*

Ok, back. Wasted half an hour, nothing happened, just some dishum-dishum. I hate it when they do this…stretch the
series so much that it gets boring.

Talking of boring, am sOoo bored… haven’t got any books to read. Should go book-shopping sOooon. I love book sales, whenever I go there my parents have to drag me out in the end. Once I spent about 3 hours. Oh
well… I adore books, I love books! (Should shut up now) [Sana? Let’s go to jumbo soon?]

Am wasting your time again? Am I? Really? Ok ok…just one more thing; I don’t like butterflies (so what if the background and header of my blog have butterflies in them).
They are just moths with printed coats (quoting Marian Keyes here). Creepy, creepy and awfully creepy! There’s one moth here in my room *screams*

That’s it. Another senseless post …Cya!! ^-^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Need Some Cinderella Moments!!

Today was the worst day of my life. Nowadays my oh-so-perfect life is so not perfect! God knows who cursed me. Last night I sprained my ankle because I tried to play football with my brothers. It was the first and last time I kicked the football. I swear I’ll never even try to get near a football let alone play it. Then today when I woke up I discovered that my cute face looked horrifying. I guess some stupid bug bit my eye. I can’t think of any other reason to explain my swollen eye (I look sooooo weird! =’( ) even blinking hurts. And am still no Angel. Really, right now am so depressed. Am not liking anything. I hate this blog (which I, when am normal, quite love it {I know there’s no reason to love it}). I hate to eat this yummy spaghetti. Why do we eat anyway? (To live??) [Wow! I really am depressed. Because normally I just love to eat]. Am not even crushing on Zac Efron right now (or Joe Jonas for that matter). I don’t think I’ll care if Zac proposes me just now (ok I’ll, of course. But it is never gonna happen, as in NEVER EVER so I can say anything {but wouldn’t it be awesome if it’ll happen?}).

I know my obsession with elves is crazy (as they don’t exist {actually they do}) but after reading so many books on elves I’d love to be one *wistful expression* (that wish, am so sure, will never come true. Zac might propose me (I can always bewitch him?) but me turning to an elf. Nope *sob sob* …oh well, we can’t have everything (WHY?!)

You know what I want to do? Fly. Forget everything and just fly away to somewhere alone and peaceful (to a huge fluffy cloud? Get marooned on an exotic island? To some hot n cold dessert? No!!}) I think a cute little cottage with three cute bowls of porridge, three cute chairs and three cute beds which three cute bears have abandoned forever will be totally perfect. (Note: bears aren’t coming back. Some prince might).

Oh I do need some Cinderella moments!

PS: Sorry if I wasted your time by this nuisance chatter! Cya! ^-^

Monday, November 17, 2008

Angels & Donkeys

How can I, in one day, become Donkey from Angel? How can a hug changes into a kick all of a sudden? Oh I wish I knew. It’s so frustrating, when somebody’s mad at you and you don’t even know it until you realize that someone is giving you a cold shoulder. The rotten tomato (that someone) wouldn’t tell me what my fault is. Am wondering and wondering...replaying our last conversations in my mind again and again. As far as I see, I did nothing wrong. Or maybe am too selfish and shallow to see it. Monkey (as am a donkey then tomato is a monkey) is still sleeping…or maybe ignoring me. Whatever.
It’ll be okay in a day or two. It’s happened before. But am so tired of saying sorry. It’s not even worth it. Because in the end am a donkey (or an earthworm, spider, snail, tapeworm, Fat and other weird things). Whatever I say or do is wrong. And Monkey is just an innocent tomato. Why can’t I be Angel? *sigh*

Talking of monkeys once when I was in 1st grade I gave an Eid card to my teacher. You know what I scribbled inside?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I saw a monkey
Just like you!

Poor teacher!! (Although she did look like a monkey...a bit) Oops!

PS: I know I’ve got u people confused. I don’t know why I wrote it it. Just feel like doing so. Monkey doesn’t even read my blog (so what if it is full of senseless stupid stuff?) =/

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Uni, Shoes n Nothing

Yay!! At last my PC’s back…I thought I’d never see it again… Life was totally hell without it (exaggerating)


It’s been ages (about 2 weeks) since I posted anything, and even right now I’ve nothing in my mind to write about. So I’ll just chatter nuisance.

Did I tell you that I’ve gotten admission [finally!!] in a dental college?? Yeah. Am going to be a dentist (eww!! Gross Gross!). Now with admission fees and all stuff paid and bought am thinking if I’ve made a right choice, the thing is I don’t really know what I want to do. Am so very lazy (with no ambitions or whatsoever). If I were given a choice of spending all my life like this (all day at home, lazing around, eating, reading, blogging, having fun and getting bored. All so busy doing nothing) I’d not mind. Believe me, these holidays were very boring (very is an understatement), and it is kinda relief to see these ‘holidays’ ending. But still I’d no worries and any responsibility (except to prepare for the test and clean my room). Responsibility, that’s what making me nervous. It’s a big step; I just can’t change my mind and go back if I found BDS boring. I’ll have to stick with it till the end and do my best. No turning back ...oh well. Am looking forward to be going to my new university…it’ll be different, not at all like college or school. I hope I’d be able to make some good and fun friends (no real worries. Am so nice, I’ll make thousands *am not really modest, am I?* =/)


And oh yes, you’ll be relieved (with no doubt) to hear, that after weeks of fruitless search I’ve finally found my perfect shoes!! *sigh of relief*. They’re not really wonderful, just some plain black sandals but real comfy. Not like those stupid pointed heels Mum buys for me (am short). I won’t get bristles anymore and nor will I stumble (like I did in stupid heels) …*smiling widely*.

Life’s good…kinda…sorta…nowadays ^-^

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