Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Air

I love Februaries. No, not just because of my birthday (oh, maybe that’s the reason, too), Sana’s birthday, or Valentine’s Day and blah blah blah. I love it because it’s the shortest month! Just 7 days more, it’ll be March and I’ll be getting my pocket money (ahem, greedy me). Am broke (as usual), can’t wait to get my hands on the money (OoooOo, I sound like so evil!), as soon as I’ll, this World will be mine! MUAHAHAH! (Cut it out!!!) ..Yes, so as soon as I will, am going to buy LOTS of books (if I were a thief I’d steal BOOKS!). Whoa.


February Air
is a lovely song. Am loving it… And *trying* to sing it. But hey! My arms don’t get cold in February air… =/
It’s sOoo hot! Is it summer already? Too bad it is! *I think!* I love winters, love wearing sweaters, jackets and all. Winters are so… Cozy? Yes. Cuddling up inside your blanket on a cold night is… cozy!
Don’t I wish it’d snow here, in Karachi. So I could make some snow angels, snow man (and a snow wife for him. Plus some snow children? And a snow dog, cat. A home.. etc etc.) *Day dream... Day dream… Day dream!!*

Got a horrible test on Monday. Seriously, biochemistry does *not* suck as much as dental material does! What was I thinking when I chose BDS over MBBS! Then again I like to pull out teeth. I hope I’d make a great dentist… Someday; I’ll have an aquarium in my clinic. Sana says every dentist should have one. *Day dream... Day dream… Day dream!!*
And really, I can’t wait to take out someone’s teeth, making him edentulous! *evil smile*


P.S. Brothers are way annoying! >.<

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blah blah.. Not

Heyy heyy

Question of the day: Why do we’ve to study? Why? WHY? WHY??
Why, indeed?

Umm. Yeah, well I know the answer. So when we grow up we get a GREAT job, and could earn lots of money, wear lovely clothes, party a lot and get fat.
Just kidding.
But this is kinda true, but no way am going to end up like that (fat)

Am so fed up with everything. No, I don’t want to die or anything stupid like it (Is wanting to die stupid? Yes? Veryy). Just want something different.
Am bored with the songs I used to love.. Maybe I heard them just too much (about 30 times a day is too much?)
Now whenever I play *angels* …I don’t feel like singing along.
Same with the High school musical songs. Zac’s awesome cute voice doesn’t make my heart sing anymore (oh no! what’s happening to me??)
Love this song though *white houses* by Vanessa Carlton. I so wish I’d a voice like hers.


After getting a haircut, I realized that I’ll always be ME. No matter how much I *try* to look different I’ll talk/behave the same. *Some* people say that am kiddish, too much into *cute-ish* stuff. Not like other *18* years old *grown ups* ..yes, well am not. And to think of it I don’t mind. I like being *me*, bubbly n funny if kiddish. I know am ok because my *friends* say so …so just *stop* telling (or asking) me to be different. Whatever different means.

(am not even sure if *those* people are reading this.. *they* think blogging is a waste of time. Which I tell YOU is NOT!)

Ok, I was kinda mad… =/
Which is weird because I rarely get mad.

Nowadays reading Rachel’s holiday, and loving it. If someone lends me some money I’d go and buy all the Marian Keyes’ books (and oh, reading is NOT boring). God knows where I've spent my pocket money on!

Heyy Sana.. And Saira (if you’re reading), it was REALLY fun last Saturday! ^-^
Floats were yummy ^.^
I still haven’t used the sticker. I can’t decide. Locker or cell? I wish I’d bought two.. =/
And Sana, send me those pictures!!
Wish we go out again, soon!

Oops… Bonded amalgam calling (stupid *ass*ignment)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HaPpyY BirthdaY tO mE!

HappYy Birthday to mE, Happy birthday to me, happyy birthday to me Me MEEE! Happy Birthday to ME!!! …

Yay!! *cheers* Am finally 18… ^-^

Though, I liked being 17 ..but 18 is just sOoo…umm… 18!

Once again “Happy 18 to ME!!”

No, am not some oddball who doesn’t have any friends and celebrates her birthday all alone in a dark room, cutting a small cake and blowing a single candle. Not at all. I just like wishing myself. And it’s not just any birthday…its my “18th” birthday! …(shut up now!)

Ok, so got a new haircut…and it is sOooooo NOT cool! I don’t look bad or anything, the thing is I don’t look *18* ..look more like 12! *sob sob*

And, yeah I miss my loooong hair. They were lovely, no kidding. People (now) say so. Always. On my face, behind my back. Gossip and gossip. *sigh*


Haven’t got any gifts…. Yet! *surprise, surprise!*
Tomorrow, will celebrate! ^-^

Wrote this yesterday, and today I’d AWESOME fun! Went out and had a blast!
No, still no gifts! =/ …I heard that they might be bringing them on Friday *oh, I hope so!*
Happy 18 to me, once again!

Rest later..

Cya =)

P.S. Sana, we’re going to celebrate on Saturday! Our birthdays!! ^-^ ..will have fun., lots of!