Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have become a zombie.. and i blame medcine =[

In uni's cafe.. and you should see me right now.. zombie.. a total zombie. I have dark circles, my eyes are watering, kind of shivering. Just coz of this supid BDS!

Anatomy viva.. It was pure torture.. Thry are trying to kill students, i think. I mean, you wait to get free, not really caring how your viva goes.. and those teachers ate biryani 3 times *no kidding* when poor students are dying of hunger and trying to retain all those stuff which passes through the foramen (who cares about those tiny pores and holes!!!!) and our lovely anterior and posteior surfaces.. also not to forget those beautiful nuclei.

Just one viva to go.... and PURE BLISsssSs!!! ^^ Can't wait for tuesday. 10 days of freedom.. then 2nd year *mental torture restart*

Reading stars and bars (yes i still do, despite of exams).. and its AWESOME! Willaim Boyd is now one of my favorite authors.. =]

Okay, evil vegetable sir shouting "Time over!!" in his broken english.. i think I will go and eat something! All i really want to do is hit the bed and ZzZzzzZzz!!

Have fun!! ^^

3 Ink Drops:

Hafsah said...

i wud seal all da foramens if i get a chance!!:S i am on da verge of havin a nervous breakdown=/.torture is an understatement :s

sidrah said...

at last we r free ^^

Sana said...

yayie, but u are free now =D oh oh funny thing studying is student+dying!

and oh if it's some consolation, zombie isnt too far off from an elf? =] u'll get there too.

come over on saturday and remember to bring the books ^^ go william boyd..!

we'll watch paranormal activity. yumyumyum. Gudnyt then ^^ Cya Alfie!