Monday, December 28, 2009


The Princess lost her radiance, the doves lay dead on her feet.. The rose in her heart wilted and she screamed out in pain. Then there was silence. The wind stopped blowing, sun and moon went to hide, stars gave up hope, and they could no longer shine. The evil was set free, it flew freely around the Earth recruiting more and more hearts. It was in power, getting darker by seconds. It caused pain, it killed, it was cruel.

The Princess took the dead doves in her lap, stood up unsteadily to get her revenge. She was shaking, not with fear but with anger. The evil laughed mockingly at her. It showed her the images of her parents being tortured, her friends being burned to dead, her prince was lying dead with a silver knife in his heart, a soft smile was still there on his face. Had he been thinking of her? She'll never know. Red was everywhere. Blood blood blood.

The images vanished and she was face to face with the evil.

'You can't defeat me, Princess,' the evil whispered softly 'Come join me, marry me.. Together we'll rule this world,'

How many times he had tried that, the Princess wondered. The evil was handsome but she could see its heart clearly. It was not.

'I am giving you a choice, consider yourself lucky,' evil threw a patronizing smile at her 'You will die if you wouldn't. And what good will it do, huh?' it raised its eyebrows 'You'll be dead, just like your kin. I'll live doing whatever I want to,' it was smiling, pleased with itself 'Why not join me?'

The Princess closed her eyes. The rose was dying now.. it didn't have enough strength. Princess sighed heavily, deciding something. Just then the doves came to life. They were soulless creatures. They shed their blooody white feathers and turned black.. The evil threw its head and laughed wildly. The creatures were its servants. They will kill the Princess.

There was no hope now. She was defeated, she realized with despair, as the vultures attacked her. Hours went by and they flew away to their next prey. Princess was still breathing, but the rose has died. The pain was unbearable but still it wouldn't kill her. All she could see was red, the color of suffering.

*sidrah is sad n feeling stupid!*

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Khadeeja Z. said...

thats was nicely written, though sad.