Monday, May 10, 2010

Am still Alive! Yayie ^^

weeeee.. after 4 months! Or is it 5?? My poor bloggie! So sorry but have been so busy! Oh, I cleared my 1st year profs *happy dance*

Nothing has changed much except that am now 19 years old. I still feel 15, though.

Umm.. have become a movie freak, which is affecting my studies n sleep very much. In love with Gerard Butler. <3>*Sorry Zac Efron, but its all over now between us!* Its time to move on =P

Its so hot hot these days.. Wanna move to Alaska and build a snowman and his family.. And make snow angels, Lying on Snow, Cool Cool snow on my face.. and.. umm.. and snow flakes on my tongue.. also playing with snow balls. Wishes and wishes *sigh*

I live in such a BORING place!! *tears!!* But whatever. ='<

Do you know I have a viva tomorrow? Yes! Its my midterms =[

So am going to sleep (what did you think, study???)

Holidays from friday.. Yay!!! ^^

Oh i Like this Picture =)

Nighty night!!

2 Ink Drops:

Hafsah said...

i like dis pic too its really cute :D hehe ... stupid mid termz... da only purpose is to hurt our selfrespect, BRUTALLY :o .. u live in a boring place...but i guess i hv to invite u over at mine so u can know ders always a bad worse n worst situation :P
waiting desperately for fridayyyyyyyyyyyy....... just bcoz of holidays hun? :P too bad u got a treat in advance :D
love ya!

Ishi said...

hey ur post is very interesting-though u keep switching frm one topic to another!!bt still i find it truly gripping!!midterms-do they bother everyone -in every corner of the world!hopw i wish-they were banned!so hat we,students could sleep peacefully(as if!we care !)