Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Blah blah..

What was it exactly when Sana had said “Let’s go, Shakira” in front of couple of girls that they went dead still? I had made a poker face and replied in a serious tone ‘coming’. Yes I guess I would be surprised too if a girl in my uni would be called Shakira. Pretty unusual name, especially if you live in Pakistan. Anyway am glad am not called Shakira or Rihanna or whatsoever. Talking of Rihanna, our oral anatomy teacher might be her brother. He looks like her (Good job, Hafsah for pointing that out, or I would have kept wondering why does he look so familiar.)

Wednesday. We went to our first community visit! It was a boys’ school. Cute cute boys had mouth like... Ugh! Never judge a human by his (or her) face, first examine his (or her!) mouth. Would you want to kiss a person who has ewwww teeth? Guess not. It won’t be difficult for me, though. To examine, I mean :s (not kiss, ugh!)

Hafsah’s hotty guy was 15 n didn’t start brushing his teeth until 2 months ago! Way to go.. =D


I bought shoes which can kill *sniffs* they look so good, but i can't bear to wear them.

Yesterday, I found out one of the juniors in my van was also in the same college as I. It was pretty fun talking to her about our weird old teachers, yummy canteen and oh so God knows What girls! I do miss my college, I love my uni, its good fun, but college days were just something else. Not to sound corny but magical magical.. :s =]

After all Pill Zephron was discovered there.

Umm. Right now (like always) am fairyland-ing. Am so addicted to it that its almost scary! Oh I don't like water fights, people get nasty! =/

Am going to be 19 sooon.. =D

I love birthdays. I love surprises and gifts *hint hint* =P

I love eating treats =D

*big Yay!*

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You have been tagged on my blog here
Look forward to seeing what you post :-)

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Ali said...

u in fjdc?

college akhss?

WarmSunshine said...

Cute, cute template. I love the Birdie Says series :)

A teacher who resembles Rihanna? Wow, this one I gotta see! :D

Crimson Coral !! said...

aww... ill keep that in mind now... to examine the mouth b4 kissing... oh i mean judging!! *wink wink*


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